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He remembered the words of his father on the eve of the battle of Marlas, warning him to fight, never to trust, because a Veretian would not keep his word.

His father had been proven right that day on the battlefield. He would not think of his father. It would be best to be well rested. With that in mind, he drank water from the carafe, watching the last of the afternoon light slowly drain from the room. When it was dark, he lay his body, with all its aches, down on the cushions, and, eventually, he slept. And woke. Dragged up, a hand on his collar chain, until he was on his feet, flanked by two of the faceless, interchangeable guards. The room was flaring into brightness as a servant lit torches and placed them in the wall-brackets.

The room was not over-large, and the flickering of the torches transformed its intricate designs into a continuously moving, sinuous play of shape and light. In the centre of this activity, regarding him with cool blue eyes, was Laurent.

The warm light of the torches did nothing to soften the effect. Damen saw nothing that did not confirm his earlier opinion: spoilt, like fruit too long on the vine.

Captive Prince, Volume 1

Or maybe use you the way Kastor intended you be used. I think that would please me a great deal.

It was a carefully chosen distance: Damen judged that if he strained the chain to its limit, pulling it taut, they would almost, but not quite, touch. He was aware of the beat of his heart.

Come here. In Akielos, he had thrown himself against his restraints and they had grown ever tighter as a result. Here, he was just a slave, and a chance to escape would come, if he did not ruin it with hot-headed pride. Damen must get back to Akielos, and that meant that for now, he must do as he was told.

He took a wary step forward. It was as though everything ground to a halt in the face of that single order. Once, then again.

And again. His head rang. Blood from his mouth dripped onto the tile. He stared at it, forcing himself, with an effort of will, not to react. Take it. Opportunity would come later.

He tested his jaw. Not broken. That is a habit that can be cured. With a horse whip. Damen felt for the first time the stir of real danger, the flicker of his own quickening pulse.

Is that it? I suppose I—angered him. Is that supposed to appease me? Laurent turned. Damen experienced his second shock of the night. There was no physical resemblance between the Regent and his nephew. The Regent was a commanding man in his forties, bulky, with heavy shoulders. The Regent looked Damen briefly up and down.

I can do with him what I like. Bed who you like. But value the gift of King Kastor. You have already shirked your duty on the border. You will not avoid your responsibilities at court. Find some appropriate use for the slave. That is my order, and I expect you to obey it. Let us put this matter behind us. Thankfully I was informed of your activities before they progressed far enough to cause serious inconvenience.

How lucky that you were informed. I would hate to inconvenience you, uncle. The Regent answered in a similar tone.

When Damen nodded, he frowned, two lines in the centre of his forehead. The ringed man gave him a hard stare. Then he spoke again to Damen. I am the Overseer. I have only one thing to explain to you. They say in Akielos, you attacked your guards.

If you do that here, I will have you drugged as you were aboard the ship, and have various privileges removed. Do you understand? Many desire such a position. Whatever your disgrace in your own country, it has brought you to a position of privilege here. You should bow down on your knees in gratitude to the Prince that this is so. Your pride should be put aside, and the petty business of your former life forgotten. You exist only to please the Crown Prince, for whom this country is held in stewardship—who will ascend the throne as King.

Waking, there had been no confusion as to where he was, unlike yesterday. His memory was very clear. As Radel spoke, he heard the far away sound of an unfamiliar stringed instrument playing a Veretian melody. Sound travelled through these doors and windows with their many little apertures. This was not the rank cell he had inhabited in Akielos, nor was it the drugged, hazily remembered confinement aboard the ship. This room was not a prison room, it was part of the royal pet residences.

Except that it was a prison. Except that he had a collar and chain around his neck, and was alone, among enemies, many miles from home. His first privilege was to be blindfolded and taken, complete with escort, to be washed and readied —a ritual he had learned in Akielos.

The palace outside of his rooms remained a blindfolded mystery. The sound of the stringed instrument grew briefly louder, then faded into a half-heard echo. Once or twice he heard the low, musical sound of voices. Once, a laugh, soft and lover-like. As he was taken through the pet residences, Damen remembered that he was not the only Akielon to have been gifted to Vere, and felt a groundswell of concern for the others.

Sheltered Akielon palace slaves would likely be disoriented and vulnerable, never having learned the skills they needed to fend for themselves. Could they even talk to their masters? They were schooled in various languages, but Veretian was not likely to be one of them. Dealings with Vere were limited and, until the arrival of Councillor Guion, largely hostile. The only reason Damen had that language was that his father had insisted that, for a prince, learning the words of an enemy was as important as learning the words of a friend.

The blindfold was removed. He would never get used to the ornamentation. From its arched ceiling to the depression in which lapped the water of the baths, the room was covered in tiny painted tiles, gleaming in blues, greens and gold. All sound was reduced to hollow echoes and curling steam. A series of curved alcoves for dalliance currently empty ringed the walls, by each of them braziers in fantastic shapes.

The fretted doors were not wood, but metal.

Captive Prince

The only instrument of restraint was an incongruous heavy wooden dock. It did not match the rest of the baths at all, and Damen tried not to think that it had been brought here expressly for him. Averting his eyes from it, he found himself looking at the metal intaglio of the door. Figures twined around one another, all male. Their positions were not ambiguous.

He shifted his eyes back to the baths. They stripped him and washed him without tying him up, and Damen behaved with admirable docility, resolved to prove that he could be trusted with small freedoms.

Five minutes. His escort retreated outside; his collar was released from its chain. Damen immersed himself in the water, enjoying the brief, unexpected sensation of freedom. The water was so hot it was almost on the threshold of tolerance, yet it felt good. The heat seeped into him, melting the ache of abused limbs and loosening muscles that were locked hard with tension.

Radel had thrown a substance onto the braziers as he left, so that they flared and then smoked. Almost immediately, the room had filled with an over-sweet scent, mingling with the steam. It perfused the senses, and Damen felt himself relax further. His thoughts, drifting a little, found their way to Laurent. You have a scar. Auguste, the heir and pride of Vere. Damen recalled his dark golden hair, the starburst blazon of the Crown Prince on his shield splattered over with mud, with blood, dented and almost unrecognisable, like his once-fine filigree armour.

He recalled his own desperation in those moments, the scrape of metal against metal, the harsh sounds of breathing that might have been his own, and the feeling of fighting as he never had, all out, for his life. He pushed the memory to one side, only to have it replaced by another. Darker than the first, and older. Somewhere in the depths of his mind, one fight resonated with another. The other scar Damen carried was lower on his body.

Not Auguste. Not on a battlefield. Kastor had run him through on his thirteenth birthday, during training. He remembered that day very clearly. He had scored a hit against Kastor for the first time, and when he had pulled off his helm, giddy with triumph, Kastor had smiled and suggested that they swap their wooden practice blades for real swords.

Damen had felt proud. He had thought, I am thirteen and a man, Kastor fights me like a man. Kastor had not held back against him, and he had been so proud of that, even as the blood pushed out from beneath his hands. Damen nodded. He placed his hands on the edge of the baths. The ridiculous golden collar and cuffs still adorned his throat and wrists.

The braziers were now covered, but the lingering scent of the incense was a little dizzying. Damen shook the momentary weakness away and pushed himself up out of the hot baths, streaming water. Radel was staring at him, wide-eyed. Damen ran a hand through his hair, wringing out the water. When Damen took a step forward, Radel took an involuntary step back. The wooden dock closed over his wrists.

It was heavy and solid, immovable as a boulder or the trunk of a great tree. He rested his forehead against the dock, the wet tendrils of his hair turning the grain dark where they touched the wood. Dried, oiled with scent, the excess oil wiped off with a cloth. No worse than had happened to him in Akielos. The touches of the servants were brisk and perfunctory, even when they handled his genitals. There was no whiff of sensuality in the preparations as there had been when Damen had been touched by the slave with the yellow hair in the Akielon baths.

It was not the worst thing that he had been asked to bear. One of the servants stepped behind him, and began to prepare the entrance to his body. Damen jerked so forcefully that the wood creaked, and behind him he heard the smash of an oil container against the tile and a yelp from one of the servants.

They released him from the dock when it was over, and this time his docility was faintly laced with shock, and he was, for a few moments, less aware of what was going on around him. He felt changed by what had just happened to him. He was not changed.

It was his situation that was changed. The gold is adequate. Yes, those garments. No, without the embroidery. A moment later, Damen felt ringed fingers on his jawline, lifting it, as though Radel wished simply to admire the picture he made, blindfolded, arms lashed behind his back. The room was thronging with courtiers, and decked out for an indoor spectacle. The effect was that of a claustrophobic, silk-draped amphitheatre. There was an air of considerable excitement.

Servants attended courtiers, and there was wine and refreshments, and silver trays heaped with sweetmeats and candied fruit.

In the centre of the room was a circular depression, with a series of iron links set into the floor. His gaze swung back to the courtiers in the stands. Not just courtiers. Among the more soberly dressed lords and ladies were exotic creatures in brightly coloured silks, showing glimpses of flesh, their beautiful faces daubed with paint.

Here was a young woman wearing almost more gold than Damen, two long, circling armbands, shaped like snakes. Here, a stunning red-haired youth with a coronet of emeralds and a delicate chain around his waist of silver and peridot.

It was as though the courtiers displayed their wealth through their pets, like a noble showering jewels on an already expensive courtesan. Damen saw an older man in the stands with a young child beside him, a proprietary arm around the boy, perhaps a father who had brought his son to view a favourite sport.

He smelled a sweet scent, familiar from the baths, and saw a lady breathing deeply from a long, thin pipe, curled at one end; her eyes were half closed as she was fondled by the jewelled pet beside her. All across the stands hands moved slowly over flesh in a dozen minor acts of debauchery. This was Vere, voluptuous and decadent, country of honeyed poison. Damen recalled the last night before dawn at Marlas, with the Veretian tents over the river, rich silk pennants lifting in the night air, the sounds of laughter and superiority, and the herald who had spat on the ground in front of his father.

Damen realised he had baulked on the threshold when the chain on his collar yanked him forward. One step. Better to walk than be dragged by the neck.

His chain was cinched to a link in the floor. His view, as he looked up, was of an elegant boot-clad leg. If Laurent had been drinking to excess last night, nothing in his manner today showed it. He looked fresh, unconcerned and fair, his golden hair bright above clothing of a blue so dark it was almost black. His blue eyes were as innocent as the sky; only if you looked carefully could you see something genuine in them. Such as dislike. Damen would have attributed it to spite—that Laurent intended to make him pay for having overheard the exchange last night with his uncle.

But the truth was Laurent had looked at him like that from the first moment he had laid eyes on him. Someone hit you. You stood still and let him. Does it hurt? Damen purposefully relaxed his hands, which, restrained behind his back, had become fists. You see: I have asked after your health, and now I am reminiscing. I fondly remember our night together. Have you been thinking about me this morning?

It left me curious. What was it? Those words worked on him. What did you do to him? Beat him in a tournament? Or fuck his mistress—what was her name? Kastor mounts his soldiers like horses in the yard. Did you grit your teeth and take it because he was the King, or did you like it? There was something obscene about someone with a face like that speaking those words in a conversational voice. Further unpleasantness was prevented by the approach of a select group of courtiers, to whom Laurent presented an angelic countenance.

From the brief words that Laurent spoke in greeting, he gathered that the woman with the commanding air was called Vannes, and the man with the peaked nose was Estienne.

I wonder if Your Highness has had the chance to see them? I, for one, am relieved to hear that all the slaves in Akielos are not like this one. Among the Akielon nobility, dominance is a sign of status. The slaves are all submissive.

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A living hell for his half-brother, and a backhand insult to Vere. They wear almost nothing during the sword fights, and they fight the wrestling matches nude. The conversation turned to gossip. Damen heard nothing useful in it, but then, he was having difficulty concentrating. The ring, with its promise of humiliation and violence, was holding most of his attention. He thought: so the Regent keeps a close watch on his slaves. At least that is something. Something was happening in the ring.

Two male pets had entered, and were standing off with slight wariness, in the manner of competitors. One was a brunet, with long-lashed almond eyes. Damen felt a shift in the constant, low-grade tension that had been with him since the baths—since he woke up in this place on silk cushions.

In the ring, the pets were being stripped of their clothes. Damen jerked his head back. A range of equipment was on display alongside the ring: long gilt poles, various restraints, a series of golden balls such as a child might play with, a little pile of silver bells, long whips, the handles decorated with ribbons and tassels. It was obvious that the entertainments in the ring were varied, and inventive. But the one that unfolded in front of him now was simple: rape. The pets knelt with their arms around one another, and an officiator held a red scarf aloft, then dropped it, fluttering, to the ground.

The pretty picture that the pets made quickly dissolved into a heaving tussle before the sounds of the crowd. Both pets were attractive and both were lightly muscled—neither possessed the build of a wrestler, but they did look marginally stronger than some of the willowy exquisites who curled around their masters in the audience.

The brunet was first to gain the advantage, stronger than the blond. Damen realised what was happening in front of him, as every whisper he had heard in Akielos of the depravities of the Veretian court began unfolding before his eyes.

And then he was in, smooth as entering a woman, though the blond was struggling. The blond had been— —prepared— The blond let out a cry and tried to buck his captor off, but the motion only drove him deeper.

In Akielos, slaves were discreet, public performances were erotic without being overt, the charms of a slave to be enjoyed in private. The court did not gather to watch two of them fucking. Here, the atmosphere was almost orgiastic. And it was impossible to block out the sounds. Only Laurent seemed immune. He was probably so jaded that this display did not even cause his pulse to flicker. He sat in a graceful sprawl, one wrist balanced on the armrest of the box seat.

At any moment, he might contemplate his nails. In the ring, the performance was approaching its culmination. And, by now, it was a performance. The pets were adept and playing to their audience. The sounds that the blond was making had changed in quality, and were rhythmic, in time with the thrusts. The brunet was going to ride him to climax. The blond was stubbornly resisting, biting his lip to try and hold himself back, but with every jarring thrust he was driven closer, until his body shivered and gave of itself.

The brunet pulled out and came, messily, all over his back. Laurent lifted refined fingers in a prearranged signal to the guard. Hands clamped down on his shoulders. Damen was released from the last of his bonds and stripped of his garments, which were not many. It was impossible that this was happening.

He felt again a strange sort of sick dizziness. Shaking his head slightly, needing to clear it, he looked up. And saw his opponent. Laurent had threatened to have him raped. And here was the man who was going to do it. There was no way that this brute was a pet. He outweighed Damen, big-boned and heavy-muscled, with a thick layer of flesh overlying the muscle. He had been chosen for his size, not his looks. His hair was a lank black cap.

His chest was a thick pelt of hair that extended all the way down to his exposed groin. His nose was flat and broken; he was clearly no stranger to fights, though it was actually difficult to imagine anyone suicidal enough to punch this man in the nose. All right, he was outweighed. Under normal circumstances, that would not be a cause for anxiety. Wrestling was a trained discipline in Akielos, and one Damen excelled at and enjoyed.

But he had had days in harsh confinement, and, yesterday, had endured a beating. His body was tender in places, and his olive skin did not hide all of the bruising: here and there were the telltale signs that would show an opponent where to press down. He thought about that. He thought about the weeks since his capture in Akielos.

He thought about the beatings. He thought about the restraints. His pride was lashing its tail. He would not be raped in front of a room full of courtiers. They wanted to see a barbarian in the ring? Well, the barbarian could fight. It began, a little sickeningly, as it had begun with the two pets: on their knees, with their arms around one another. The presence of two powerful adult men in the ring released something in the crowd that the pets had not, and the shouted insults, bets and ribald speculation filled the room with noise.

Closer, Damen could hear the breath of his mercenary opponent, could smell the rank, masculine smell of the man, over the cloying perfumed roses of his own skin. The red scarf lifted. The first heave had enough force to break an arm. The man was a mountain, and when Damen matched strength to strength, he found, a little worryingly, that his earlier dizziness was with him still.

There was something strange in the way that his limbs felt. There was no time to think about it. Thumbs were suddenly seeking for his eyes. He twisted. Those parts of the body that were soft and tender, and that, in fair sport, would be avoided, must now be protected at all costs; his opponent was willing to tear, rip and gouge.

The man he fought knew it. The pounding blows Damen suffered were all brutally aimed to land on old hurts. His opponent was vicious and formidable, and he had been instructed to do damage. Outweighed and fighting that strange dizziness, skill still counted for something.

He gained a hold on the man, but when he tried to call on his strength to finish things, he found instead unsteady weakness. The air was suddenly expelled from his lungs after a driving blow to his diaphragm. The man had broken his hold. He found new leverage. That is not the reason. Not at all. To understand Laurent you need to know the reasons for his damaged personality. Just image yourself 13 years old, your beloved big brother is killed and your father dies on the same day. Without those protectors you fall victim to your pedophile uncle, only to be abandoned and replaced as soon as you reach puberty.

He is supposed to be the best warrior from both nations, so you train secretly and persistantly in martial arts and dream of one day being stronger than him and fighting him. And now you get him hand-delivered - and he is absolutely powerless… BTW, The author said in an interview, she wanted her readers to truly and absolutely HATE Laurent in the first book. In your case he seems to have succeeded a little more than she bargained for: Aly's Bookish Wonderland Linzerkipferl wrote: You ask how peo Realistically, childhood abuse happens more often than we'd like to think.

How many of those poor kids turn into psychopaths happy to torture others as a means to cope? The romance that blossoms doesn't make his behaviour okay in any way, shape or form. I'm very glad you enjoyed the series. One man's trash is another one's treasure: Jan 03, C.

Little flummoxed by this one. It's an epic fantasy but focuses more on sexual slavery than any sort of active plot. Mine eyes are too young for this. View all 22 comments. Apr 12, Whitney Atkinson rated it liked it Shelves: I think if you read this, you need to know several things in advance just to make sure that you don't automatically hate it: All of these things combined made the first half of the book almost unbearable, but there was one nugget of light that got me through it, and is continuing to push me to want to read the sequel: The subplots and tiny character mannerisms in this book are absolutely fascinating, and it's like Stiefvater characters that you subtly grow to love, even the side characters you hardly see.

This book is very political and that part of it lost me I'm not a huge fan of books like this, so it's just a personal preference , and additionally, I wish it was longer in order to explain the history of the kingdoms and give the reader some kind of context about the conflict s occurring in the world. Otherwise, I couldn't put this down, even when it was hard to read.

I can understand why people love it, I can understand why people hate it. I'm going to go order to sequels from site. View all 10 comments.

View all 11 comments. As it seems you either hate it or you love it. There is no in-between. I think most of that is due to the fact that it deals with subjects we feel very uncomfortable with. Sure, C. Pacat confronts us with a lot of heavy topics. Just to make that perfectly clear! There is rape, slavery, sexual abuse, torture, violence and even the mention of paedophilia. Just to name a few of them and there are scenes that no doubt will revolt you immensely.

Pacat is not okay with the things that happen to the slaves in the book! You are permanently disgusted by us, aren't you? I guess that quote says it all! I still want you to keep in mind that things like that are nothing new though. Throughout the long history of mankind those subjects have always been a part of our lives. There were plenty of wars and people have always been tortured, raped, abused and enslaved! Damn it! Who am I kidding? Things like that still happen all around the world.

So yeah, I think what I want to say is that C. We should neither forget that nor ignore it. I can only speak for myself but in my case it definitely worked. My actual review! The plot: Betrayed by his own brother and shipped into the lands of his enemies Prince Damianos of Akielos ends up in the foreign land of Vere. Powerless and enslaved he has no other choice than to obey though, his hope to find a way to escape the only thing that helps him to endure.

As long as no one knows about his true identity he has a chance at survival…. Will Damen be able to escape the corrupt court of Vere or will someone blow his cover before he even gets a decent chance to flee? And in fact it is! But damn did I enjoy this reread! I feel soo damn sorry for what happens to him in this book! Even enslaved and in the hands of the enemy he still tries everything possible in order to help his people and to remain true to himself.

I love that about him! But life in Akielos went on without Damianos. These slaves had no one else to help them. And what did it mean, to be a prince, if he did not strive to protect those weaker than himself? Anywhere else, you simply killed your enemy with a sword. Or poisoned him, if you had the honourless instincts of an assassin. Here, it was layer upon layer of constructed double-dealing, dark, polished and unpleasant.

He accepted sympathy gracefully. He put his position rationally. He stopped the flow of talk when it became dangerously critical of his uncle. He said nothing that could be taken as an open slight on the Regency. Yet no one who talked to him could have any doubt that his uncle was behaving at best misguidedly and at worst treasonously. Well, at least for me it was. I know one of my fellow buddy readers hated him fiercely!

And yes, I admit it: When the time comes. You might prefer that. That is difficult. He tucked it carefully into a fold of his riding clothes. I hate and despise the Regent for choosing him as his pet and the thought of them together makes me feel sick to my stomach. He has experienced things many adults have not, and his mind is no longer that of a child.

Though even a child may learn how to manipulate an adult. Is he all right? No uncle acts with a heavier heart. They hide behind their sophisticated demeanour and their complicated clothes but in fact they are the true barbarians of the story, none more so than the Regent himself!!! I despise and hate that man so much and I truly hope he burns in the nine circles of hell. Come to think of it, his actions might easily cause him to end up in all of them.

I hate it when we are at odds, yet you force me to chastise you. You seem determined to wreck everything in your path. Blessed with gifts, you squander them. Given opportunities, you waste them. XD I think what made this even more fun was the fact that it was a buddy read with my two lovely girls! View all 28 comments. View all 3 comments.

I have seen a plethora of glowing reviews from friends that have loved this series. However, my curiosity finally got the best of me and I downloaded the first audiobook in the series. The rest is history! I blew through all three audiobooks in a couple of days, listening to them back to back until I had devoured the entire series.

This 'Captive Prince' has been on my radar for a long time now. This series was fantastic! Since I finished all three books in the series before sitting down to write my reviews, I'll do my best not to give any big spoilers. The specifics of where one book ended and the next began are a little hazy for me. However, they were all worthwhile and highly entertaining books.

Volume One', introduces us to Damen and Laurent. The two are princes from rival kingdoms, only Damen's true identity is a secret to everyone in Laurent's court.

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If his true identity were known, he would surely be executed. Damen is surrounded by enemies, betrayed by his half-brother and sold into slavery. Although the two are enemies, Damen and Laurent have many things in common. Both princes have fallen prey to family members who want to seize their crowns. Damen had his rule usurped by his illegitimate half-brother, Kastor, while Laurent is at the mercy of his uncle, who rules in his stead until Laurent is old enough to claim his crown.

That being said, it is hard to envision Laurent in the role of a victim. From the first introduction, his manipulative, and often cruel, nature is apparent. His treatment of Damen is deplorable as he strives to assert his power over his new, wild and unbroken pleasure slave.

Laurent is clearly a character that enjoys head games. On the other hand, Damen is a character that has instant appeal. He is put in an unspeakable situation and betrayed by the brother that he looked up to. My heart went out to Damen. I wanted to see him prevail. Upon Damen's arrival in the Vere, he is thrown into a life of debauchery. The Verethian court is filled with hedonistic and taboo sexual activities. The members of the courts indulge in every depraved act you can imagine.

Nothing is off-limits, with the exception of enjoying pleasure slaves of the opposite gender in an effort to prevent the conception of illegitimate children that would sully the Verethian bloodlines. Rape and pedophilia are a way of life. Accordingly, this will not be a book for many readers. It is full of dark, controversial and offensive content. You will be appalled. In fact, that is a large part of the appeal of this story.

There aren't too many graphic sex acts depicted, but the constant lingering threat of rape gives this book a very ominous feeling. I spent the entire time on the edge of my seat, waiting for the assault that I knew was inevitable. The anticipation, and resulting anxiety, was immense. For most of this book, Laurent portrays a spoiled, bratty and cruel prince.

He treats Damen harshly and is extremely abusive. However, there are brief glimpses of another side of him. I have no doubt that there is far more to Laurent than meets the eye. This book definitely had my rapt attention. It wasn't like most of the books that I read, but I was completely hooked. Without missing a beat, I dived right into the second book to continue Damen and Laurent's story.

Check out more of my reviews at www. View all 32 comments. Nov 07, Heather K dentist in my spare time rated it it was amazing Shelves: This is not a drill!

I just have to give S. Pacat a huge round of applause. It is going to be hard to write a review of just Volume 1 because I read them back to back like a rabid fan-girl so I'll just review them together. It was like my eyes were glued to my phone today. I wouldn't and couldn't stop reading. I won't rehash the plot because the overview doesn't sound terribly interesting or new.

It is the masterful, smart writing that sets this book apart. The writing is so crisp and fan-freaking-tastic that it gives each word the power that it is due. Details sing in all the right ways. The way the author portrayed Laurent in the beginning made me think I could never sympathize with him. It is through truly skilled writing that little facts play out just as they should over time and reveal Laurent's character in new lights. We learn hard truths along with Damen and I felt my point of view morphing as his did.

I was entwined with Damen and felt deeply connected to his story and his emotional and physical journey. The book is a study in deception and human emotion.

It grips you until the very end. Book 1 set the stage for book 2, which just brings everything to a head. There are no missteps. It is like a ballet dance of words, and I don't think I'm being too complementary or over-exaggerating.

Book 3 will be my most anticipated release of next year if that is when it will come out! View all 30 comments.

More like a 3. I'm gonna marathon the trilogy! Mar 14, V. Don't read my review if the word "rape" makes you unconfortable, because I use it a lot, because this book has a lot of that. I don't recommend this if you feel uncomfortable reading about: Pedophilia view spoiler [ Nicasius is only 13 and he's used as a sex slave.

The worst is that he is supposed to be willing to be forever a sex slave because the king, his master, gets tired of children when they grow up and Nicasious is eagerly searching for a new master. He gets drugged by Laurent "his love interest" so that he'll get weakened and lose the contest and Laurent can watch when Damianos gets raped In this book the court takes rape as a sport.

Captive Prince_ Volume Two - S.U. Pacat.pdf

Later Damiano's forced to receive oral sex from another slave to the enjoyment of Laurent. I repeat, Laurent is the "love interest". Sorry but in what sick world a sex-slave enjoys being a slave? How is that romantic or sexy? This is vividly described and Damianos spends some time recovering from his injuries.

How is that romantic? So dubious consent, sexual violence, and rape are okay when the characters are male? That's not feminist at all, that's not fair. If the main character had been Princess Damiana everyone and their dog would be screaming murder. How is that fair? Unsafe reads This is supposedly a slow-burn-romance between two males, but there's a lot of cheating and disloyalty. Laurent's not even slightly jealous! He laughs with joy when Damianos returns to their tent worn-out from having sex with a lot of women in just one night.

Damianos is attracted to Laurent but he is more attracted to women than to males. So we the readers don't get a little bit of cute jealousy and the couple doesn't kiss until way into the second book.

Cait's review Lainey's review This book makes me angry. Contrary to what this book portrays, Homosexual Men have healthy, committed relationships. This is not the best book to portray diverse couples, because, as it is, a lot of people think wrongly that homosexuality and bisexuality are against nature and that Bisexuals and Homosexual aren't capable of loving, committed relationships. This book only re-inforces the idea of sexually "degenerated" characters. In real life gay people aren't like this.

I gave two stars to the sequel because the graphic rapes aren't present. It's cleverly written and it's addictive, but it's still a harsh read because poor Nicaise. It's not fair what happened to him. Final note: There are reviewers here in GR who praise this book to no end, and yet get all angry and write rants about romances like Twilight, Hopeless, FSOG, Beautiful disaster and other romance books of the romance genre.

At time it feels like some of those reviewers are trying to make the people who enjoy, for example, FSOG bad with themselves because "they are supporting a book that portrays an abusive relationship". Yet they go and praise this very abusive book. This isn't about me having a problem with the people who like this book. You enjoy this book? That's fine. We all know that In real life rape is wrong.

The people who love this book to death aren't supporters of rape, this is just a book. But just like the the captive prince fanbase knows the difference between reality and books, the FSOG fanbase knows better than go and get themselves in abusive relationships because of a book.

My problem is when the double standard comes: Just saying. So anyone who enjoys FSOG or any other bad-reviewed romance, but never says it aloud for fear of how their opinion will make them look in a site like GR where people trash "abusive relationship" books, should say it aloud. If you like me feel unconfortable reading certain topics, ignore most of the 5 star reviews, very few of them mention the problematic issues of this book and most lack trigger warnings.

Read some 3 stars reviews and some triggers warnings before deciding if this book is for you or not. View all 66 comments. Sophie "Beware Of The Reader" Well Veronica I began the book today and so wanted to like it as every friend of mine you aside now that I see this love it but I am just disgusted! Well Veronica I began the book today and so wanted to like it as every friend of mine you aside now that I see this love it but I am just disgusted!

And there are so many triggers for me that it will be a DNF Karla I am confused. You rant about the horrible way Laurent treats Damen and then you rant that there is not even a kiss at the end of the book?

Why would t I am confused. Why would they kiss after all those abominations? You rant about the disgusting romantic MM-relationship, but during book 1 the MM-relationship does not even exist yet, so what exactly are you angry about? I would even go so far and say the real romantic relationship starts only during book 3, because the horrors of book 1 overshadow their dealings during all of book 2 and it takes half of book 3 to finally overcome them.

They are enemies and they treat each other such, and because the Court of Vere is very very degenerate, the horrors have no end. Why are you looking for romance in such an environment? Book 1 is not meant to be romantic. It is not meant to be erotic. It is meant to be horrible. I don't understand what part of the book gave you the message that rape and sexual abuse were okay???

Did we read the same book? In mine the rape and torture scenes were absolutely awful, the main character suffered a lot, hated every minute of it, hated his offenders. He did not enjoy the blowjob that was forced on him. His human dignity was hurt during that scene, and he felt it just as much as we readers felt it. Reviewed by: Pacat, you've probably been living under a rock.

Not my typical choice of reading material, but HYPE. Well, that would be Bad. Did all of that cross your eyes? What isn't simple is everything that came after the initial introductions, and how I feel about it.

Obviously, as a prince, Damen isn't too keen on becoming a sex slave. It is rape, any way you look at it. I also find the portrayal of slavery quite offensive.

As far as I can tell, all the kingdoms in C. At one point, Damen compares slavery in his home country of Akielos to that in Vere, where he himself is a slave. Not only that, but the life of a sex slave is glorified in the short story included in the paperback, which gives the background story of a minor character from the book. Just like rape is rape, slavery is slavery.Guion tried to quell his reaction as he turned his gaze back to the slave.

They are enemies and they treat each other such, and because the Court of Vere is very very degenerate, the horrors have no end. Almost all the bonobos present interpreted this as an aggressive display, and reacted with loud screams, tooth-baring, and pounding the walls and the floor. Outweighed and fighting that strange dizziness, skill still counted for something. He would not be raped in front of a room full of courtiers. Come to think of it, his actions might easily cause him to end up in all of them.

Councillor Guion spoke. The only instrument of restraint was an incongruous heavy wooden dock.