This Act shall be known and cited as the "Local Government. Code of ". SECTION 2. Declaration of Policy. - (a) It is hereby declared the. This Act shall be known and cited as the “Local Government Code of ”. . sangguniang panlalawigan may, in consultation with the Philippine Historical. This Act shall be known and cited as the "Local Government Code of . (a) The Sangguniang Panlalawigan may, in consultation with the Philippine Historical.

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LOCAL GOVERNMENT CODE OF THE PHILIPPINES, DEVOLVING CERTAIN. FUNCTIONS TO LGUS, INCLUDING THE ENFORCEMENT OF LAWS ON. This page is the main index of the full text of the Local Government Code of the Philippines. Featured on the World Wide Web by The Law Firm of Chan. Government Code of , affirms, among others, that the territorial and political NOW, THEREFORE, I, CORAZON C. AQUINO, President of the Philippines.

It shall be the duty of every national agency or governmentowned or controlled corporation authorizing or involved in the planning and implementation of any project or program that may cause pollution, climatic change, depletion of nonrenewableresources,lossofcropland,rangeland,orforestcover,andextinctionofanimalorplantspecies, to consult with the local government units, nongovernmental organizations, and other sectors concerned and explainthegoalsandobjectivesoftheprojectorprogram,itsimpactuponthepeopleandthecommunityinterms of environmental or ecological balance, and the measures that will be undertaken to prevent or minimize the adverseeffectsthereof.

Section Prior Consultations Required.

Dissertation/Thesis Abstract

No project or program shall be implemented by government authorities unless the consultations mentioned in Sections 2 c and 26 hereof are complied with, and prior approvalofthesanggunianconcernedisobtained:Provided,Thatoccupantsinareaswheresuchprojectsareto beimplementedshallnotbeevictedunlessappropriaterelocationsiteshavebeenprovided,inaccordancewith theprovisionsoftheConstitution.

The extent of operational supervision and control of local chief executives over the police force, fire protection unit, and jail managementpersonnelassignedintheirrespectivejurisdictionsshallbegovernedbytheprovisionsofRepublic Act Numbered Sixtynine hundred seventyfive R.

Theprovince,throughthegovernor, shallensurethateverycomponentcityandmunicipalitywithinitsterritorialjurisdictionactswithinthescopeofits prescribedpowersandfunctions. Highlyurbanizedcitiesandindependentcomponentcitiesshallbeindependent oftheprovince.

Thecityor municipal mayor shall review all executive orders promulgated by the punong barangay within his jurisdiction. Copiesofsuchordersshallbeforwardedtothegovernororthecityormunicipalmayor,asthe casemaybe,withinthree 3 daysfromtheirissuance.


Inallinstancesofreview,thelocalchiefexecutive concernedshallensurethatsuchexecutiveordersarewithinthepowersgrantedbylawandinconformity withprovincial,city,ormunicipalordinances.

Intheabsenceofa municipallegalofficer,themunicipalgovernmentmaysecuretheopinionoftheprovinciallegalofficer,andinthe absenceofthelatter,thatoftheprovincialprosecutoronanylegalquestionaffectingthemunicipality.

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Thecityormunicipality,through thecityormunicipalmayorconcerned,shallexercisegeneralsupervisionovercomponentbarangaystoensure thatsaidbarangaysactwithinthescopeoftheirprescribedpowersandfunctions. Local government units may, through appropriate ordinances, group themselves, consolidate, or coordinate their efforts, services, and resources for purposescommonlybeneficialtothem.

Insupportofsuchundertakings,thelocalgovernmentunitsinvolvedmay, uponapprovalbythesanggunianconcernedafterapublichearingconductedforthepurpose,contributefunds, real estate, equipment, and other kinds of property and appoint or assign personnel under such terms and conditionsasmaybeagreeduponbytheparticipatinglocalunitsthroughMemorandaofAgreement. Localgovernmentunitsshallpromotethe establishment and operation of people's and nongovernmental organizations to become active partners in the pursuitoflocalautonomy.

Linkages with People's and Nongovernmental Organizations. Local government units may enter intojointventuresandsuchothercooperativearrangementswithpeople'sandnongovernmentalorganizations toengageinthedeliveryofcertainbasicservices,capabilitybuildingandlivelihoodprojects,andtodeveloplocal enterprises designed to improve productivity and income, diversity agriculture, spur rural industrialization, promoteecologicalbalance,andenhancetheeconomicandsocialwellbeingofthepeople.

Alocalgovernmentunitmay,through itslocalchiefexecutiveandwiththeconcurrenceofthesanggunianconcerned,provideassistance,financialor otherwise,tosuchpeople'sandnongovernmentalorganizationsforeconomic,sociallyoriented,environmental, orculturalprojectstobeimplementedwithinitsterritorialjurisdiction. The governororthecityormunicipalmayorshallactasthechairmanwiththefollowingasmembers: 1 Thechairmanoftheappropriationscommitteeofthesanggunianconcerned 2 A representative of the minority party in the sanggunian concerned, if any, or if there be none, one 1 chosenbysaidsanggunianfromamongitsmembers www.

Representatives of the Commission on Audit shall observe the proceedings of such committee and shallcertifythattherulesandproceduresforprequalification,bidsandawardshavebeencomplied with.

The minutesofsuchmeetingsofthecommitteeandanydecisionmadethereinshallbedulyrecorded,posted at a prominent place in the provincial capitol or the city or municipal hall, and delivered by the most expedientmeanstoelectivelocalofficialsconcerned. Itshallbecomposedofthe provincial, city or municipal engineer, the local planning and development coordinator, and such other officialsdesignatedbythelocalprequalification,bidsandawardscommittee.

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Thefollowingpersonsaredisqualifiedfromrunningforanyelectivelocalposition: a Thosesentencedbyfinaljudgmentforanoffenseinvolvingmoralturpitudeorforanoffensepunishable byone 1 yearormoreofimprisonment,withintwo 2 yearsafterservingsentence b Thoseremovedfromofficeasaresultofanadministrativecase c ThoseconvictedbyfinaljudgmentforviolatingtheoathofallegiancetotheRepublic d Thosewithdualcitizenship e Fugitivesfromjusticeincriminalornonpoliticalcaseshereorabroad f Permanent residents in a foreign country or those who have acquired the right to reside abroad and www.

However, the sangguniang kabataan chairman for each barangay shall be elected by the registered voters of the katipunanngkabataan,asprovidedinthisCode. Sangguniangbarangaymembersshallbe elected at large.

The presidents of the leagues of sanggunian members of component cities and municipalities shall serve as ex officio members of the sangguniang panlalawigan concerned. The presidents of the "liga ng mga barangay and the pederasyon ng mga sangguniang kabataan" elected by theirrespectivechapters,asprovidedinthisCode,shallserveasexofficiomembersofthesangguniang panlalawigan,sangguniangpanlungsod,andsangguniangbayan.

Date of Election. Unless otherwise provided by law, the elections for local officials shall be held everythree 3 yearsonthesecondMondayofMay.

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This study examined the local appointive officials' perceptions on the four dimensions of administrative capability—leadership, organizational structure, financial resources, and personnel—considered as important factors to a meaningful decentralization initiative. The perceptions of the appointive officials as decentralization implementers highlight the effects of decentralization on these four dimensions.

The respondents expressed the need for more effective leadership in harnessing the contributions of other sectors in order to achieve decentralization's objectives.

They also expressed the need to stimulate greater participation by organizational subordinates in order to achieve those objectives. Clearer definition and identification of functions and responsibilities between local governments and national agencies are required in order to address the problem of duplication of services.

Likewise, the devolution of personnel from the national government created the need for a more thorough analysis of functions in order to achieve the proper alignment of positions in the provincial organizational structure.

Personnel equipped with the expertise need to be fitted to positions where such expertise is appropriate. Provincial governments lack the capacity to generate own-sources revenues OSRs needed to cope with their expanded functions.

RA 7160 local government code of the Philippines.pdf

The LGUs have not vigorously pursued those opportunities offered by the Local Government Code to increase their financial capacity. Respondents said that many local elective officials lacked the political will to enact new ordinances or implement existing ordinances to improve revenue generation and collection of the provincial governments. The Human Resource Management HRM units of the provincial governments are simply subordinate offices attached to other line departments.Sangguniang Panlalawigan [b].

Representatives of the Commission on Audit shall observe the proceedings of such committee and shallcertifythattherulesandproceduresforprequalification,bidsandawardshavebeencomplied with.

In cases where the temporary incapacity is due to legal causes, the local chief executive concerned shall also submit necessary documents showing that said legal causes no longer exist. Retrieved 27 March Political parties. According to the Constitution of the Philippines , the local governments "shall enjoy local autonomy", and in which the Philippine president exercises "general supervision".