Winkler's book will certainly appeal to the mathematician, as well as to students of all ages―high-school, college, and graduate. His philosophy of what. Entertaining Mathematical Puzzles [Martin Gardner] on *FREE* Perplexing Puzzles and Tantalizing Teasers (Dover Children's Activity Books). Mathematical Puzzles - A connoisseur's collection by Peter Winkler; The Art and Craft of Problem Solving by Paul Zeitz; Challenging.

Mathematical Puzzle Book

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Gardner wrote dozens of books on puzzles and recreational maths – here are eight puzzles taken from them. I'll post the answers in a few days. Discover the best books on puzzles and brain teasers for adults & elderly. The Moscow Puzzles: Mathematical Recreations by Boris A. My Best Mathematical and Logic Puzzles book. Read 13 reviews from the world's largest community for readers. Over a period of 25 years as author of the M.

Of the puzzles I hadn't seen, I was able to solve a few in my head, and a fair number were straightforward with pencil and paper.

Many, however, require a profound insight of the "wouldn't get that in a million years" variety—one that I didn't feel at all ashamed for not finding. I have a BA in math and am a statistician by trade. Regardless of the difficulty, the puzzles in this book are fair tests of intel Many of the conundrums in this collection also appear in Dr. Regardless of the difficulty, the puzzles in this book are fair tests of intellect for anyone with a good grasp of algebra and geometry.

There are no cheap shots that require an unreasonable, universe-spanning leap of logic like you find in some "mindbender" puzzle collections. You know, the kind that expect you to postulate the existence of a hedgehog wearing a leather skirt at the side of the road, or something even less likely, and then make you feel stupid when you give up in disgust. Those aren't puzzles—they're mind-reading exercises.

I hate that shit. May 07, Riju Ganguly rated it really liked it.

The only reason behind me dropping a star from the rating has to do with the difficult nature of several problems. Logic puzzles as well as mathematical games are interesting as long as attempting them involves fun and mental alacrity.

For grown ups who have some time to indulge themselves and who might like to remove some of th The only reason behind me dropping a star from the rating has to do with the difficult nature of several problems. For grown ups who have some time to indulge themselves and who might like to remove some of the rust from the cerebral areas, this book is enjoyable.

Dec 29, Scott rated it liked it. These were considerably more advanced than some other Dover collections of Gardner's puzzles - in fact, most of them would require fairly advanced math skills. While I enjoyed the solutions, for the vast majority I didn't have a prayer of solving them on my own. May 20, Vickie rated it really liked it.

The problem with this, of course, is that it's a translation of words that are meant to be puzzling. As a result, many are not written in such a way that the parameters of the problems are clear. Some assumptions have to be made to proceed with solving. Sep 12, Lynn rated it it was amazing. Just something I like to do in my spare time.

Can you solve Martin Gardner’s best mathematical puzzles?

Apr 23, Suraj Kumar rated it it was amazing. May 07, Rejeev Divakaran rated it really liked it Shelves: Very good logic puzzles. Jul 24, Nicole marked it as to-read. I registered a book at BookCrossing.

Oct 01, Ben rated it really liked it. A solid puzzle book. Mar 02, Bryan rated it it was amazing.

Martin Gardner's Puzzle Books

I love to puzzle through these types of books. I got this one for Christmas. There are quite a few fun puzzles in there. View 1 comment. Ema Jones rated it it was amazing Mar 31, The fork in the road A logician vacationing in the South Seas finds himself on an island inhabited by two proverbial tribes of liars and truth-tellers.

Members of one tribe always tell the truth, members of the other always lie. He comes to a fork in a road and has to ask a native bystander which branch he should take to reach a village. He has no way of telling whether the native is a truth-teller or a liar. The logician thinks a moment, then asks one question only. From the reply he knows which road to take. What question does he ask? Three squares Using only elementary geometry not even trigonometry , prove that angle C equals the sum of angles A and B.

Courtesy ThinkFun 6. Cutting the pie With one straight cut you can slice a pie into two pieces. A second cut that crosses the first one will produce four pieces, and a third cut can produce as many as seven pieces.

What is the largest number of pieces that you can get with six straight cuts?

The mutilated chessboard The props for this problem are a chessboard and 32 dominoes. Each domino is of such size that it exactly covers two adjacent squares on the board.

The 32 dominoes therefore can cover all 64 of the chessboard squares. The jam-packed pages and a full-color illustration for 1, challenges, puzzles, riddles, and illusions make you smarter. The assortment of challenges includes mental games, visual challenges, logic posers, riddles, and illusions. Furthermore, the mind-boggling puzzles will make you feel smart, intuitive, curious, and successful right away.

The Big Book of Brain Games celebrates the unique place where pure play and problem-solving coexist!

See a Problem?

What can you expect from this book The book consists of twelve categories — geometry, patterns, numbers, logic, probability, perception, etc. Each game, at its start, is ranked on a difficulty scale of 1 to The solutions to all the puzzles are provided to enhance your understanding and problem-solving skills. A Book of Surrealist Games by Alastair Brotchie and Mel Gooding A Book of Surrealist Games is a delightful collection that allows everyone to enjoy the firsthand provocative methods used by artists and poets.

The remarkable book is packed with word and image games that surrealists developed to create their written and graphical art.

Also, it is an illustrated compilation of ways to be inventive, humorous, or absurd. This extraordinary volume is a treasure trove of the artistic and socio-linguistic conundrums which the surrealists cultivated. If a spark of creativity is what you possess, A Book of Surrealist Games is definitely for you!

Bestselling Series

What can you expect from this book The book is an outstanding collection of word games, visual tricks, and intellectual assaults on the conventional. The games are interesting along with enough historical content to be educationally relevant.

The intriguing Optical Illusions consists of optical illusions that appear to change before your eyes. The author, Al Seckel, carefully assembled both well-known and lesser-known effective illusions to blow your mind. Every type of optical illusion comes with a note about the science of visual perception and the working about it. In addition, the comprehensive collection of graphic patterns is mind-bending, eye-opening, and highly entertaining. Optical Illusions, without a doubt, dazzles both the mind and the eye of the reader!

What can you expect from this book The stunning images with notes about the science of visual perception is all about how our eyes can truly deceive us. The images and shapes include figure illusions that switch from one shape to another and then back, ambiguous figures, impossible objects, stereo illusions, and much more.

The illusions rendered in photography, artwork, and computer imaging, both befuddle and amaze you. What Is the Name of This Book? Smullyan What Is the Name of This Book is the most profound, original, and humorous collection of recreational logic and math problems! The value of the book is its resourceful puzzles along with instructions full of amusement and vigorous exercise.

Moreover, the puzzles and their solutions delve into the deepest paradoxes of logic and set theory. The author, Raymond M. Smullyan, a celebrated mathematician, logician, and magician has kept the book suitable and entertaining for kids as well as adults too.

If puzzles and paradoxes intrigue you, What Is the Name of This Book will definitely thrill you and your senses! What can you expect from this book It is a collection of mind-bending logic puzzles, riddles, and diversions.

It excites you to challenge your powers of logical reasoning and common sense.

Detailed solutions, to make you understand better, follow each puzzle. Learn to use the most important methods and codes of secret communication and enjoy hours of experimenting and cryptography.

Mathematical Puzzles of Sam Loyd

The author, Martin Gardner, explains how to break complicated ciphers and codes worked with triangles, grids, squares, and charts. As a result, young cipher fans and puzzlists of all ages will find continuing moments of intrigue and challenge in this fascinating and inspiring book.

The challenging Codes, Ciphers and Secret Writing, is a stimulating must for the intermediate cryptographers out there! What can you expect from this book Learn codes that are keyed to typewriters, telephone dials, playing cards, knots, and swizzle sticks.

You can also experiment with invisible writing and explore the possibilities of sending messages through outer space to unknown worlds.

Entertaining Mathematical Puzzles by Martin Gardner Indulge in intriguing and fun-filled hours of playing with mathematical riddles with Entertaining Mathematical Puzzles. The engaging collection requires only an elementary knowledge of math subject and a will to resist looking for answers before trying to solve the puzzles!

Fully illustrating, Entertaining Mathematical Puzzles will appeal to all kinds of amateur mathematicians, scientists, students, and children.

What can you expect from this book The various mathematical topics include money, speed, plane and solid geometry, probability, tricky puzzles, topology, and more. Simple and clear comments at the beginning of each section explain the nature of the math needed to solve the puzzles. A fully described solution set follows each problem.

Perplexing Puzzles and Tantalizing Teasers by Martin Gardner Perplexing Puzzles and Tantalizing Teasers is a bonanza of stimulating brainteasers ideal for strengthening young mental muscles! The collection combines two books in one, providing a double serving of fun puzzles in one convenient volume.

Therefore, the curious and the comic collection is a perfect companion for long trips or free time. Perplexing Puzzles and Tantalizing Teasers offer young readers hours of intriguing mind-building and challenging fun!Of course, those columns and books contained much material not in the puzzle vein.

Others draw on the tools of trigonometry, geometry, combinatorics — and even a bit of calculus. Summers, Robert Steinwachs, and Edward J. Lists with This Book. Moreover, these books will make you want to solve more problems as you progress.