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I have Also downloadd Xam Idea and passed my 9 and 10 grade with the help of it!. Well, I will First suggest you download The book. Reading The. Results 1 - 16 of 25 Online shopping from a great selection at Xam Idea Store. Xam Idea Complete Course Mathematics Class 9 for Exam: unulelteoco.ga: VK Global Publications: Books.

Five cubes, each of edge 36 cm are joined end to end. Find the surface area of the resulting cuboid.

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If the surface area of a cube is 96 cm2, find its edge and diagonal persons can sleep in a room 25 m by 9. If each person required A classroom is 10 m long, 6. If each student be given 1. How many cubic metres of air would each student get? A sweet shop was placing an order for making cardboard boxes for packing their sweets.

A field is in the form of a rectangle of length 18 m and width 15 m. A pit, 7. Find out the extent to which the level of the field has been raised. A wall of length 10 m was to be built across an open ground. The height of the wall is 4 m and thickness of the wall is 24 cm.

A cube of 9 cm edge is immersed completely in a rectangular vessel containing water. If the dimensions of the base are 15 cm and 12 cm, find the rise in water level in the vessel. A cylindrical roller 2.

How many revolutions did it make?

A school provides milk to the students daily in a cylindrical glasses of diameter 7 cm. If the glass is filled with milk up to a height of 12 cm, find how many litres of milk is needed to serve students The diameter of the base of a right circular cylinder is 42 cm and its height is 10 cm.

Find the area of the curved surface. Find the ratio between the total surface area of the cylinder to its curved surface area, given that its height and radius are 7.

If the radius of the base of a right circular cylinder is halved, keeping the height same, find the ratio of the volume of the reduced cylinder to that of the original cylinder. The radius and slant height of a cone are in the ratio of 4 : 7. If its curved surface area is cm2, find its radius. Find the radius of its base.

Also, find its lateral surface area and total surface area. The cylindrical cans have bases of the same size.

xam idea class 9 Science Chapter 8 Motion

The diameter of each is 14 cm. One of the cans is 10 cm high and the other is 20 cm high. Find the ratio of their volumes A powder tin has square base with side 8 cm and height 13 cm. Another powder cylindrical tin has the radius of its base 7 cm and height 15 cm. Which of the two contains more powder? How much is the difference in their capacities?

Find the height and the volume of the cylinder. The ratio between the curved surface area and the total surface area of a right circular cylinder is 1 : 2. Find the volume of the cylinder if its total surface area is cm2.

The height of the tank is 6 times the radius of the base of the tank. Find the volume correct to 2 decimal places. A well with 14 m diameter is dug 8 m deep.

The earth taken out of it has been evenly spread all around it to a width of 21 m to form an embankment. Find the height of the embankment. Water flows out through a circular pipe whose internal diameter is 2 cm, at the rate of 6 metres per second into a cylindrical tank, the radius of whose base is 60 cm.

Find the rise in the level of water in 30 minutes.

How many square metres of canvas is required for a conical tent whose height is 3. Find the ratio of the curved surface areas of two cones, if the diameters of the bases are equal and slant heights are in the ratio of 3 : 4. A cone and a hemisphere have equal bases and equal volumes. When 16 spheres are packed, the box is filled with preservative liquid.

Find the volume of this liquid. Give your answer to the nearest integer. Find the volume and the curved surface of the solid so formed.

Xam Idea Class IX Social Science

Find the slant height and curved surface area of a cone whose volume is cu. The base radii of two right circular cones of the same height are in the ratio 3 : 5. The radius and height of a circular cone are in the ratio 5 : If its volume is cm3, find its slant height. A right circular cone is 3.

It is melted and recast into a right circular cone having base radius 1. The ratio of volumes of two cones is 4 : 5 and the ratio of the radii of their bases is 2 : 3.

Find the ratio of their vertical heights. A heap of wheat is in the form of a cone of diameter 9 m and height 3. How much canvas cloth is required to just cover the heap?

Xam Idea Complete Series Science for CBSE Class 9

Michael Veseth. Introductory Macroeconomics, Second Edition deals with national economic issues, such as unemployment, inflation, the aggregate demand-aggregate supply model of macroeconomics, government economic policy, exchange, rates, international trade, and finance.

The book examines national economic problems, economic goals, the role markets play in the economy, price control, unemployment, and inflation. By using the Phillips curve trade-off, the text notes that inflation increases the demand for labor. In the long term, according to the long-run Phillips curve, increased inflation does not actually lessen unemployment levels known as the natural unemployment rate hypothesis. The text also examines whether minimum wage laws are necessary to fight poverty, prevent exploitation or cause poverty in which the imposition of minimum wage results in lower demand for unskilled labor.

The book notes that politics and unions favor minimum wage laws. The poor, uneducated, and unskilled laborers are left out.

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The text also tackles goals and trade-offs: Economists, sociologists, professors in economics, or policy makers involved in economic and social development will find the text valuable.

Xam idea Complete Course Mathematics - Class 9: Complete Course. Contents 1. The Harappan Culture: Bronze Age Civilization The Later Vedic Phase Territorial States and the First Magadhan Empire Refresh and try again.

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To view it, click here.Contents 1. A cylindrical tube, open at both ends, is made of metal. Also, find its outer surface area. This book is not yet featured on Listopia. A right circular cylinder just encloses a sphere of radius r as shown in Fig.