Here are some tips to ensure your pictures look their best for downloaders: Photos need to be at least pixels on the longest side. Photo Tips. Make your pictures worth more than just words. On This Page. Tips for taking photos that sell; Fashion and mobile photography tips; Photo. You're hoping to strike gold as an site seller. You've lined up the items you want to sell, determined the prices, and set up the best shipping.

How Do I Photos Onto site

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They say a picture is worth a thousand words, and on site, that can certainly be true! We all know that taking great photos is key to getting more downloaders. Click "Upload" to upload that picture to your site auction. 5. Click "Add Photo" to add another picture to your auction. You can upload up to 12 photos of your. Understanding how to take photos for site can make all the difference between a sale and a flop. Follow these 9 tips to boost your sales while.

Adding pictures to your listings

Catalog images are acceptable, but not as the primary photo for pre-owned items except those in the Books, Movies, Music, or Video Game categories. Please leave the following fields untouched.

Individual results may vary and results assume that sellers do not increase the item price while making these changes. Shipping Whether you ship across town or around the world, learn how to do it right.

4 Essential Tips to Create the Best site Photos

Service and Payments Learn how to give great service and get paid. Additional Resources.

Seller Center Search. Seller Center Photo Tips.

Photo Tips. On This Page. Tips for taking photos that sell.

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Tip 1: Use a plain, uncluttered backdrop to make your item stand out. Tip 2: Turn off the flash and use soft, diffused lighting.

Tip 3: Keep things steady. Use a tripod.

Tip 4: Take high-resolution photos so your item will look attractive on screens big and small. Tip 5: Fill the frame with your item.

Tip 6: Photograph your item from all angles, and capture its details and blemishes. Tip 7: Show the scale of your item. Tip 8: Capture the natural colors of your item. No filters necessary. Tip 9: Include some detailed close-up shots.

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Tip Avoid using props. Fashion Photography Mobile Phone Photography. Fashion Photography Show downloaders the picture-perfect outfit they're looking for.

Show the fit.


Show it all. Photograph all angles and include close-ups of patterns, trims, hardware, or textured materials. Don't hide wear and tear. The first picture you add, called the gallery photo, appears next to your item's title in search results and is the main photo in your listing.

4 Essential Tips to Create the Best site Photos

You can add up to 12 pictures. We store copies of your photos on site and they'll stay in your completed listings for up to 90 days. You can re-use them if you relist the item or create a new listing for something similar. How to add pictures to listings To add pictures to your listing, use the photo uploader in our listing forms. It's sometimes also called the site picture manager.


To upload photos from your computer: In your listing form, select Add Photos. Browse to find the photos you want - they should be no more than 7MB each.

To select more than one file, hold down the Ctrl key Windows or the Command key Mac. You can rearrange the order once they're uploaded. Crop, rotate, and adjust brightness and contrast of the photo using the icons in the uploader preview, then select Save.

To copy photos from a web address: In your listing form, select Add Photos.The truth is, the best light to use is free. People like to see lots of photos.

This newsletter may contain advertising, deals, or affiliate links. They provide 6 separate pictures of this shoe — each can be zoomed in. After you've uploaded your photos, click on each one to view it and ensure that you're satisfied with them all. The first picture you upload is your gallery picture and will display in the search results; subsequent pictures will appear in the auction itself.