Get news about Historical Fiction books, authors, and more. —The New York Times Book Review. “An absolutely terrific thriller, so pulse-pounding, so ingenious in its plotting, and so frighteningly realistic that you simply cannot stop reading.”. Editorial Reviews. Review. "Top-notch suspense a terrific thriller spellbinding." —The . The Eye of the Needle was the second book of Mr Follette's I had the pleasure of reading. I'm very happy that I happened upon his writing as I am. This is the second book by Ica Iova that I have read. When I read Boundaries, I mistakenly thought it was her first book. When I went to write a review for it I.

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The Eye of the Needle is more than a book about South Africa. It is also a careful Africa, so it is in that light that we wish first to look at the book. On October Eye of the Needle book. Read reviews from the world's largest community for readers. One enemy spy knows the secret to the Allies' greatest decepti. Eye of the Needle is written by Ken Follett, The novel is Originally published by , This This saga gain good rank best American books.

I still remember, at one point, the female interest asks the male love interest why he never married and he replied to something along the lines as: Follet also does a good job of centering the story on the villain so that you like him and then switching over to another character later. The transition works for a number of reasons but saying more would spoil the story. A minus. View all 22 comments. Jan 20, Matt rated it really liked it Shelves: Today, most people know Ken Follett as the author of mammoth works of historical fiction.

See what I did there? Before he starte Today, most people know Ken Follett as the author of mammoth works of historical fiction. Before he started authoring 1,page beasts populated with dozens of characters and crammed with historical tidbits, Ken Follett was known for his thrillers, including Eye of the Needle , his breakout hit.

Published in , Eye of the Needle weighs in at a trim pages in trade paperback , features three main characters, and gets to its point with the precision of a Swiss watch, or at least a very well-run subway system. Eye of the Needle is filled with Follett hallmarks: He is your typical Nordic superman: And he had a strong face, with a high forehead and a long jaw and bright blue eyes… Faber is quite skilled with his stiletto, which he proves early in the book.

And it makes perfect sense that Faber, who exudes lethal sexiness, would choose as his weapon what amounts to a sharp, steel penis. The plot kicks into gear quickly, when Faber learns about Operation Fortitude, a real-life counterespionage operation undertaken by the Allies on the eve of D-Day. Operation Fortitude used leaks of fake information, dummy tanks and equipment, and meaningless wireless traffic to fool the Germans into thinking that the invasion of Europe would come at Calais, instead of Normandy.

Faber learns of the deception and realizes its vital importance. With dogged MI5 agents on his trail, Faber attempts to escape England and deliver the news to Hitler. Meanwhile, there is a parallel story involving David and Lucy Rose. David is a dashing young RAF officer was there any other kind? They have an awkward first sexual encounter, because apparently British people do not know how to have sex.

This is enough to get Lucy pregnant. Shortly thereafter, David gets in a car wreck, putting him in a wheelchair. Later, they move to a secluded island off the coast of Scotland. Hey, honey, where should we live? How about Storm Island? Sounds nice! I mean that sincerely. In Eye of the Needle , he is especially good at placing his fictional character into a fascinating, true-life context especially one that might not be known to casual fans of history.

You read a Follett thriller for the twists and turns, the outbursts of violence, and the it-leaves-nothing-to-the-imagination sexual encounters. View all 12 comments. Nov 08, Dana Ilie rated it really liked it Shelves: If you have never read any of Follett's work, then this is a good place to start.

The paperback is pages, which is shorter than many of his other books. If you like his style, then his other books have even more point-of-view characters that he rotates his narration around. I'm guessing that Follett realized he had a solid formula for creating tension. He just added more characters to prevent telegraphing too many plot points.

This spy thriller delivers quite the adventure! No master work of If you have never read any of Follett's work, then this is a good place to start. No master work of literature here, but the story certainly diverts your attention and allows you to escape into WWII moves and counter-moves.

Follett sets his story as the Allies are building up forces for D-Day and they are trying to camouflage their activity with misdirection in a variety of areas. While the plot centers around these true events, the majority of the characters are fictional. Sure Hitler and Churchill get some face time, but Follett's point is who knows if a spy like Faber really existed. I think what makes this book truly great is the superb use of character. Yes, the plot is exciting, well-constructed, and full of wonderful historical detail.

But Die Nadel is one of the best 10 villains ever written, not because he is the most evil, but because of his complexity. I swear, for most of the book, I was rooting for him despite myself. Each challenge the spy faces, the reader actually wants him to overcome.

Which makes the climax all the more compelling—how ought the story to end? How do I want it to end? Fabulous novel. Highly recommend. View 2 comments. Wasted my precious time on this one. View all 11 comments. Dec 08, Jason Koivu rated it really liked it.

Eye of the Needle , a sharply-written WWII era thriller, is miles away in style and length from the mammoth, medieval epics Follett would later create. Though not a mindbendingly difficult read, the quality of the writing was already present at this early stage.

Extra kudos must be given to any author who can switch gears and dabble in different genres. Working outside your comfortable corner can not be the easiest thing to do. View all 9 comments. Apr 26, ChopinFC rated it it was amazing Shelves: This is an incredible novel that will keep you on the edge of your seat, with massive suspense, thriller and the elaborate machinations that only Follet could design!

I'm truly shook! His eleventh try was a charm, because this book is phenomenal! A big difference according to Follett was his in depth research into the lives of soldiers and spies during WW II. Eye of the needle is a spot on, accurately written depiction of WW2 spy thriller at its best!

The research that went on the story is self evident from the very beginning. Literally thousands of people were involved in perpetrating the trick. The tension in this book is forever ascending.. Faber, the German spy is so ruthless, yet Follett is able to dab speckles of humanity in his character.. Despite his transgressions and murders, we almost feel compassion towards him! Eye of the Needle is an expertly crafted WWII spy thriller, likely the best ever written amongst its genre!

View all 3 comments. Apr 26, Stjepan Cobets rated it it was amazing. Excellent thriller where the action is happening at the time of the Second World War. Sep 08, Nikki rated it it was amazing Shelves: Carl Sandburg said in another context "it pays to have a good forgettery. Both books feature multiple points of view -- quite a few of them in Follett's case -- and on both sides of the good gu Carl Sandburg said in another context "it pays to have a good forgettery.

Both involve historical events that we know turned out OK, and ask us to imagine a scenario where things could have gone quite differently. The difference in Follett's book is that nearly all the characters are more fully developed. I still found it difficult to work up much sympathy for The Needle, though, and when I found critics both film and book talking about his "falling in love" with Lucy, I thought only that they must have a very different idea of love than I have.

Without the character interest, this might have made for a less engaging story; and the behavior of The Needle, David, and Lucy in the final chapters would not have been as believable. For example, he parallels Godliman the medievalist's search for Henry II's travels with Godliman the intelligence agent's search for The Needle.

I haven't seen the movie of this book, but probably will before long. I am reserving judgment on the casting of Donald Sutherland as The Needle -- somehow it just doesn't seem right to me.

View 1 comment. Mar 12, Eli Easton rated it it was amazing Shelves: Read for my lifetime challenge This is a fantastic page-turner that outshines most contemporary thrillers.

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I could hardly bear to put it down for the day and a half it took me to devour it! This first offensive by British, US and allied forces could determine the entire war.

The only chance they have is if they can land where the Germans aren't expecting them. Otherwise they'll be decimated as they try to get their arm Read for my lifetime challenge Otherwise they'll be decimated as they try to get their armies ashore. They will win or lose the war on the success of this invasion. All of this is in the forward, so I'm not giving anything away. In order to accomplish this, the British sets up a ruse to try to fool the Germans into thinking they're going to invade at a different spot, Calais.

It's critical that the Germans believe this. Endangering the operation is one brilliant German spy, code named "Die Nadel" the needle.

The Brits know he exists, but they don't know what he looks like and have never been able to catch him. If Die Nadel figures out their gambit, and can get that information to Hitler, the invasion will fail and the war will be lost.

In one sense, this is a story about the search for one spy. But the stakes are so high, and the characters are so clever, it takes on global importance and the tension is incredible. The foremost character is Die Nadel himself. I love that we get his POV early on.

We get to see how ruthless he is, how cautious and clever, how innocuous and charming he can be. I wouldn't say you'll find yourself rooting for him, because he's obviously evil. But you get caught up in his story and can viscerally feel his desperate attempt to get his information to his homeland.

It's interesting to see their efforts to track the spy down, how MI6 worked at the time. Then there's the couple on the island where Die Nadel lands-a young woman, Lucy, and her husband, David, who was crippled in a car accident. They take Die Nadel in at first, thinking he's a stranded traveler, and it turns into a cat-and-mouse game on the island. The writing is very tight and efficient and this is a purely plot-driven book.

There are multiple murders, elaborate traps that fail until they don't , and lots of near escapes.

The action never stops, but it never falls to the level of a car chase either. It's all believable and necessary. The characters fight heroically and intelligently.

I highly recommend this masterpiece of a thriller to one and all. Exhausted, Faber finally steals a small trawler and sets out to meet the U-boat. Caught by a fierce storm, he is shipwrecked on Storm Island.

He collapses at the isolated house where David and Lucy live, and is cared for by Lucy.

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Stuck in a loveless marriage to the crippled David, she begins a physical relationship with Faber. David confronts Faber, but after a struggle Faber kills David by rolling him off a cliff, and tells Lucy it was another accident. However, she discovers her husband's body and realises the truth. Lucy stops him by short-circuiting the electricity in the cottage. By the logic which had guided his actions throughout his career, Faber should have killed Lucy — but he finds himself unable to do so, being deeply in love with her to the detriment of his mission and of simple self-preservation.

Unable to send a radio message, Faber attempts to descend the cliff and swim to the waiting U-boat. Lucy throws a rock down at him, striking him and causing him to lose his balance and fall to his death. An RAF patrol plane then appears and drives the U-boat away.

A fictitious radio message is sent with Faber's call code, convincing the Germans that the invasion is targeting Calais. Bloggs comforts the widowed Lucy. The Bollywood movie Fanaa is loosely based on the book, moved to a contemporary Indian location. The role of the German spy Faber being taken by a Kashmiri separatist militant seeking to gain a nuclear weapon, while the role of Lucy is given to a Kashmiri girl who loves the militant yet ends up killing him.

Eye of the Needle is a spy thriller novel written by Welsh author Ken Follett. It was originally published in by the Penguin Group under the title Storm Island. This novel was Follett's first successful, best-selling effort as a novelist, and it earned him the Edgar Award for Best Novel from the Mystery Writers of America.

The revised title is an allusion to the " eye of a needle " aphorism. The book was made into a motion picture of the same title in , starring Donald Sutherland , with a screenplay adapted by Stanley Mann and directed by Richard Marquand.

Its goal was to convince the German military that the planned D-Day landings were to occur at Calais and not Normandy. FUSAG used fake tanks, aircraft, buildings and radio traffic to create an illusion of an army being formed to land at Calais.

So far — actual history. Follet then reminds the reader that had even a single German spy discovered the deception and reported it, this entire elaborate plan might have been derailed and the invasion of Nazi-occupied Europe would have become far more difficult and risky. The book's plot is built around this issue — however, it begins at a far earlier stage of the war.

In Henry Faber is the alias used by a German spy, nicknamed 'die Nadel' 'The Needle' due to his preference for the use of a stiletto as his trademark weapon.

He is working at a London railway depot, collecting information on troop movements. Faber is halfway through radioing this information to Berlin when his widowed landlady stumbles into his room hoping for intimacy. Faber fears that Mrs. Garden will eventually realise that he was using a transmitter and that he is a spy, so he kills her with his stiletto, then resumes his transmission.

On their honeymoon David and Lucy are involved in a car crash. David loses the use of both his legs.

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Unable to fly in during the Battle of Britain , David grows embittered as he and Lucy retire to the isolated Storm Island off the east coast of Scotland.

Meanwhile, British Intelligence has executed or recruited all German spies. Faber is the only successful one still at large. A widowed history professor, Godliman, and an ex-policeman, Bloggs, are employed by MI5 to catch him.Mar 18, Laura rated it really liked it Shelves: Books by Ken Follett. Dec 20, Gary rated it really liked it.

Faber escapes many times but his repeated killings allow MI5 to track him to Aberdeen. It was turned into a major television series produced by Ridley Scott, which aired in And he had a strong face, with a high forehead and a long jaw and bright blue eyes… Faber is quite skilled with his stiletto, which he proves early in the book.

How about Storm Island? He just added more characters to prevent telegraphing too many plot points.