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Over the centuries, researchers have found bones and artifacts proving that humans like us have existed for millions of years; the author argues, however, that. Forbidden Pages · Similar Free eBooks. Filter by page count The Player's Guide - Forbidden Seduction Tactics by Derek Rake. Forbidden Archeology: The Hidden History of the Human Race by Michael A. Cremo and Richard L. Thompson quickly became a best selling underground.

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To attempt to resurrect an old paradigm the way they do, by analyzing outmoded scientific texts, is one of the recognized marks of 'pseudo-science'. Feder wrote in his review of Forbidden Archeology: "While decidedly antievolutionary in perspective, this work is not the ordinary variety of anti-evolutionism in form, content, or style.

In distinction to the usual brand of such writing, the authors use original sources and the book is well written. Further, the overall tone of the work is far superior to that exhibited in ordinary creationist literature.


Worse, these specimens no longer exist. Saying many critics have complained that the book bombards the reader with "abundantly useless data," Tom Morrow states that a large proportion of the book is devoted to analysis of outdated documentation, in obscure literature, of specimens of anomalous stone tools. Since the specimens no longer exist, he says, the book often compensates by providing numerous pages of drawings taken from their original sources.

He also cited the earlier review of the book by archaeologist Kenneth Feder saying that the drawings are "absolutely useless" because one can't tell whether the drawings are accurate or drawn to scale. Cremo and Thompson fail to take account of this, he says, and seem to want to accord equal value to all finds.

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Underland Deep Time Journey.The infamous Piltdown hoax is the subject of Chapter 8.

View Wishlist. Michael Cremo has set archaeology back more than years.

Furthermore, they supposedly did not arise in their African homeland until about , years ago. Columbia University Press explains a download forbidden archeology the hidden history of the pro published in New York City, and written with Columbia University.

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