Chapter 1 Introduction to Mobile Communications and Computing 1 1 to. Chapter 3 Mobile Network Layer 31 to Review Questions 3 "The book covers all basic concepts of mobile computing and communication and also deals with latest concepts like Bluetooth Security and Nokia. Mobile Computing. Front Cover. unulelteoco.gai Arokiamary. Technical Preview this book» 12HIPERLAN Unit IV Mobile Network Layer 41 to

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1/17/ 1. MOBILE COMPUTING. CSE / Spring Course Overview. • Instructor: Christian Poellabauer. • B Cushing Hall. Books shelved as mobile-computing: The Wireless Application Protocol: Writing Applications for the Mobile Internet by Sandeep Singhal, Mobile Computing b. download Mobile Computing 2 by Devi Kamal (ISBN: ) from site's Book Store. Everyday low prices and free delivery on eligible orders.

Security issues involved in mobile[ edit ] Main article: Mobile security Mobile security has become increasingly important in mobile computing.


It is of particular concern as it relates to the security of personal information now stored on the smartphone. More and more users and businesses use smartphones as a means of planning and organizing their work and private life.

Within companies, these technologies are causing profound changes in the organization of information systems and therefore they have become the source of new risks. Indeed, smartphones collect and compile an increasing amount of sensitive information to which access must be controlled to protect the privacy of the user and the intellectual property of the company.

All smartphones are preferred targets of attacks. These attacks exploit weaknesses related to smartphones that can come from means of wireless telecommunication like WiFi networks and GSM.


There are also attacks that exploit software vulnerabilities from both the web browser and operating system. Finally, there are forms of malicious software that rely on the weak knowledge of average users.

Different security counter-measures are being developed and applied to smartphones, from security in different layers of software to the dissemination of information to end users. There are good practices to be observed at all levels, from design to use, through the development of operating systems , software layers, and downloadable apps.

Portable computing devices[ edit ] Main articles: Mobile device and Portable computer Several categories of portable computing devices can run on batteries but are not usually classified as laptops: portable computers, PDAs , ultra mobile PCs UMPCs , tablets and smartphones.

A portable computer discontinued is a general-purpose computer that can be easily moved from place to place, but cannot be used while in transit, usually because it requires some "setting-up" and an AC power source. The most famous example is the Osborne 1. Portable computers are also called a "transportable" or a "luggable" PC.

1st Edition

A personal digital assistant PDA discontinued is a small, usually pocket-sized, computer with limited functionality. It is intended to supplement and to synchronize with a desktop computer, giving access to contacts, address book, notes, e-mail and other features.

Smartphones are the same devices as tablets, however the only difference with smartphones is that they are much smaller and pocketable.

Instead of a physical keyboard, these devices have a touchscreen including a combination of a virtual keyboard , but can also link to a physical keyboard via wireless Bluetooth or USB. These devices include features other computer systems would not be able to incorporate, such as built-in cameras, because of their portability - although some laptops possess camera integration, and desktops and laptops can connect to a webcam by way of USB.

A carputer is installed in an automobile.

It also contains word processing software and is bluetooth compatible. It functions as a writing utensil, MP3 player, language translator, digital storage device, and calculator. For example, Ferranti introduced a handheld application-specific mobile computer the MRT in the form of a clipboard for conducting opinion polls.

The HP Omnibook line of laptops included some devices small more enough to be called ultra mobile PCs. Montanari, and S. Du and S.

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Yu, B. Lee, S. Kalubandi, and M. Al-Karaki and A.

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Mobile Computing Books

Gitzenis and N. Helal, S. Balakrishnan, M. Dunham, and Y. Sharma and A. Bellavista, A. Corradi, C. Federici, R. Montanari, and D. Kagal, J. Parker, H.Montanari, and S. These networks are usually available within range of commercial cell phone towers.


Buchegger and J. Zerfos, S. Consequently, iPhone OS dominated the total amount of mobile web traffic worldwide by mid Admob