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If I Should Die. Die for Me (Series). Book 3. Amy Plum Author Julia Whelan Narrator (). cover image of If I Should Die. Die for Me book. Read reviews from the world's largest community for readers. In the City of Lights, two star-crossed lovers battle a fate that is. Die for Me (Revenants, #1), Until I Die (Revenants, #2), Die for Her (Revenants, # ), If I Should Die (Revenants, #3), Die Once More (Revenants, #).

A lot of the secondary characters were promising, but unfortunately not as much in the focus of the story as I would have liked them to be. The relationship between the heroine and her hero moved at a reasonable pace, and there were no declarations of undying love after knowing each other for five minutes.

Also, no love triangle yet? First of all, the lack of parental, or in this case grandparental, presence in the story. Ehm, I vote no. Secondly, why does the heroine have almost no life outside her relationship? And then, why does he always have to be stinking rich and live in this really great house? Why does he have to take her out to eat at the most expensive restaurants? Why does he have to give her all these really expensive birthday presents? But mostly, I just missed the right connection with the two main characters.

Kate was an okay heroine, but not one I personally could connect with. She reads a lot, what we have in common, but of course she mostly reads sophisticated sounding classics. Vincent was nice, but also a little dull. Being French does not make up for being boring, sorry.

Additionally, the mythology was kind of fishy sometimes. This whole connection thing that suddenly worked? Very strange and not really explained in a satisfying manner. So, all in all: In parts enjoyable, in others not at all. I had a few eye-rolling-moments. Stay away from it no matter what! For fans of paranormal YA, it could certainly be a great read. Some of the major issues I had with it might not bother others at all. But for me, that certain spark that could have made me overlook at least some of its faults was missing.

Also, a small note on the cover: Really, why did you have to change it? Only because red dresses are in right now? I mean, the scene on the boat that was featured on the earlier cover? Actually in the book. The scene featured on this cover? Not in the book at all. Publishers, I don't understand you. The dark blue would have stood out at least! View all 10 comments. Jan 28, Giselle rated it really liked it. I only had to glimpse at the beautiful cover to know I had to read this book. I didn't care what it was about.

I mean, look at it! I can say that I was not disappointed by what was inside either. It's fun and romantic, with a gorgeous setting. The setting. It took my breath away. Set in beautiful Paris, France, we not only get a tour of the city, but we learn and experience the culture as well. It was stunning. I have never been, but I could picture myself in the streets alongside these character I only had to glimpse at the beautiful cover to know I had to read this book.

I have never been, but I could picture myself in the streets alongside these characters; visiting exotic cafes, museums, homes. I thought it was amazing and perfectly detailed. Learning about the country's culture was also very interesting. I'm always fascinated by differences with other countries: Sayings, traditions, even fashion. It made me experience Paris while sitting in my own home. This was by far my favorite part of the book. The characters includes Kate and her sister, then the family of Revenants.

Kate is a fun protagonist, although she can be a bit dramatic. She doesn't always make the best decisions either, but her heart is in the right place which makes it easy to like her regardless.

The Revenants- they're positively charming. I especially loved their fun banter towards one another. They also each have important, defined roles in the story. We've got the fun, quirky Jules; hard-bitten Ambrose and lonely soul Charlotte. These are my favorite of the supporting characters. But really, all of them are as important to the story as the main leads, which adds up to giving us a well-rounded, purposeful cast.

It is, in literal terms, what Revenants are. They're undead, but they're not rotting nor do they crave flesh. They look like regular humans, except they're immortal with a purpose to save others.

Yep, zombie guardian angels! And even though the twists are easily predictable, I found it positively entertaining. The romance, which takes as much center stage as the rest, is not a very strong point however. Both Kate and Vincent are great characters individually, but together they don't radiate as much passion as the author is suggesting.

They do have me rooting for them; the romance is definitely there and I won't deny the love story is sweet. But we're intended to feel great ecstasy towards them being together, when it simply falls under cute. All in all, with a lovely setting and wonderful characters, Die For Me gives us a delightfully fun story that will easily attract fans of YA paranormal romance. Nov 04, Marie Lu rated it really liked it. A girl can dream, right?

Really enjoyed their romance, loved Kate's relationship with her sister, and looooved the details about Paris. An engrossing romance! Aug 02, Sandra rated it really liked it.

If you are looking for a great YA book that is not about angels, demons, vampires and faeries then this book is for you. This book was about a girl who fell in love with a Revenant. What are Revenants you say? The Revenants were people who take the place of someone who was about to die.

They die in the place of someone else. They were like guardian angels but not really. They become Revenants because they died saving someone else in their past life. Not everyone who does that could become like th If you are looking for a great YA book that is not about angels, demons, vampires and faeries then this book is for you. Not everyone who does that could become like them though. How are the Revenants involved in this story? Kate and her sister Georgia lost their parents because of an accident.

They both have to move to Paris and live with their grandparents because of what happened. Georgia was coping just fine with the loss of their parents but Kate was not. She still could not accept that her parents were gone and they were never coming back. After exiling herself in her room for so long, Kate decided to go out and explore Paris for a change.

She then met Vincent Delacroix, a mysteriously gorgeous young man who caught her attention at a coffee shop. Fate has other plans for them though. Kate and Vincent met again at a museum and after that they spent more time with each other. Kate knew that Vincent was different. Because of a little incident, Vincent had to tell Kate what he was. He was not human. He was undead but not a zombie. He was neither a vampire nor an angel. He was a Revenant. For my review, I would like to break it down into two: As I mentioned earlier, it was like a breath of fresh air from the usual vampire and angel thing.

The whole concept of other people dying in place of someone else and then living again caught me off guard. I have to say that the cover was one of the things that pushed me to read the book. She was like a girl after my own heart so I love her. He was old fashioned gentleman. He was honest and I like that about him. He trusts Kate could handle the truth. He kept his word when he said to Kate about telling her more about them.

I have added you to my list of book BFs. I was not sure why he was like that but then that changed. Turns out he was outgoing and friendly and flirty too. I liked it because they worked together to kick the ass of the bad guy. They were perfect for each other. They both were willing to make sacrifices for each other. Kate saved Vincent and Vincent was willing to do what was necessary even if it was hard so that Kate would not feel the pain she felt when her parents died.

You got to agree with me, sometimes cliffhangers are not good. The ending was just great. I know, I know. Let me just share my opinions though.

Kate was like Bella because she was vulnerable like her. She was like Bella not aware that she was pretty. Both were insecure and they also fell in love at first sight. I like Kate a whole lot better than Bella. Vincent was like Edward obviously. They both were old fashioned gentleman because they were old. I would have to give kudos to Vincent though because trusted Kate with the truth. I mean Edward is my first love and all but Vincent was just everything that Edward was and more.

Charlotte reminded me of Alice. She had short hair too only it was blond. She was close to Kate like Alice was close to Bella. Ambrose was like Emmett. He was buff and likes to tease a lot. She was very irresponsible and stupid. He has a temper of a bull.

He was not that interesting. And he died in the first book. He was the head of the Zumas bad revenants and he died so quickly? I wanted more Kate and Vincent time. I felt that it was cut short a little.

All in all I loved the book despite some obvious similarity to Twilight. Still, I love this book and I am already impatiently waiting for the second book. I give this book a 4! View all 8 comments. May 11, Aly Fantasy4eva rated it did not like it Recommends it for: No Comment. Oh my, this week really has not been a great one for me reading - wise. I was ecstatic to read Die For Me.

Sure there was a lot of hype surrounding it, but most importantly I had read many gushing reviews which lead me to believe it would be satisfying at least. I suppose I can start of with admitting that it is a "little" different regarding the setting of the book which instantly creates a very enticing and vivid picture of a place that I have been eagerly wanting to go for a long time.

Sisters Oh my, this week really has not been a great one for me reading - wise. Sisters Kate and Georgia have recently lost their parents and have moved to Paris to live with their grandparents. Both sisters deal with this loss in different ways. Kate has completely lost herself and doesn't have the strength to do pretty much anything whereas older sister Georgia has thrown herself back into her partying ways, deciding that distracting herself will take at least some of her pain away.

Meanwhile she starts to see a boy called Vincent wherever she goes. His presence is so consistent that at times she is pretty clear in how afraid she is, but also drawn to him because he is of course gorgeous and mysterious and everything else a love interest is these day. I wasn't too fond of how he continued to stalk her around town and ended up dragging her into the mess that is his life.

Once again though what bothers me most is that for Kate to finally come out of her shell and try to heal --Vincent has to come into her life. He has to make her feel better. There was a small observation though. For a long time the sisters are dealing with the loss of their parents the best way they can. It is apparent how much their death has affected them, so I couldn't help but notice how after falling for Vincent Kate stopped thinking about them.

Whilst I was pretty pleased at first that the author had obviously chosen to make this something consistent throughout the book I suddenly felt let down that just as quick these feeling diminished or weren't mentioned once she found herself a guy to swoon over.

Vincent is a little more snarky than his equivalents such as; Edward and Stefan which makes him a little more interesting but not all that much. Jules is more of the bad boy who likes to tease the heck out of our MC much to her confusion. What Kate soon discovers after meeting Vincent is that he is a Revenant who has been brought back to life for a certain mission. I'm not going to spoil it for you but I did like this whole idea of them coming back because of a certain purpose, I also enjoyed how the author dealt with the possible emotional and psychological affects it could have i.

Jules and Ambrose were my favourites actually. Both had great personalities which really jelled with me and made them stand out from the rest. Basically I expected more. It had everything that has now become a bad habit in the Paranormal Romance genre; the needy love interest, the potential third to a love triangle who is more on the "bad boy" side, the friends of the love interest who aren't all to fond of the MC at first. Did I mention how many scenes from the book had twilight written all over?

The cheesy lines, the vulnerable girl, and not to mention the predictable plot. She did this continuously throughout the book which vexed me to no end. She had this feistiness to her which I liked, but it just seemed like a facade since she never actually followed it through and always ended up going right back to him.

It was pretty much the final straw. Overtime I felt like I had to make myself finish the book since I pretty much had it all figured out and because of this reading the book started to feel like a chore. I think I need a break from the Paranormal because every time I pick one up it has pretty much the same plot and similar characters and frankly I'm getting tired of it.

I'll review the ones that I have left on my TBR and hope that they turn out better. After I've read those I'll just take a break from the the genre unless one catches my eye and I'm highly convinced that I will enjoy it.

Don't be fully deterred though, hopefully you'll enjoy it more than I did. One piece of advice though, try not to be swept away by hype. It often does more bad than good. View all 4 comments. For me, this book was just A little between 2. I liked the supernatural aspect, since it was pretty original. And the setting, Paris, was beautiful. But the problem is, that's really all I liked about it. Because to me, besides the supernatural aspect and setting, this is such a typical YA book that doesn't really stand out from others.

Kate was a very Mary Sue heroine, and Vincent was a typical, godly-looking hero, although I give Amy Plum bonus points for not making h For me, this book was just Kate was a very Mary Sue heroine, and Vincent was a typical, godly-looking hero, although I give Amy Plum bonus points for not making him a jackass.

There's insta-love, but it wasn't annoying to the point where I wanted to pull all my hair out. But that doesn't mean I liked the romance, that only means I tolerated it. I don't really have much else to say about this book.

Nothing amazing or special. It's one of those "why the hype" books, for sure. Apr 28, Lexy S. The one romance book I love. Mar 06, Alexa rated it really liked it Shelves: My review can also be found on my blog Collections. Reading a paranormal that is not set in a typical location like the United States or the United Kingdom is extremely refreshing. Although Paris is a familiar city, it's not a place most people have the chance to actually experience. Revenants were another refreshing aspect of Die for Me.

Revenants are like immortals, and while immortals aren't anything new, revenants are a unique type. Revenants have a purpose, a destiny. They can choose to ignore it, but it takes a whole lot of self-control. What revenants have to do and what they go through is something I don't believe I have ever come across in the paranormal genre.

I cannot wait to learn more about them. Sixteen-year-old Kate Mercier is the main character. She and her older sister, Georgia, move to France from New York, after the death of their parents, to live with their grandparents. Losing her parents causes Kate to withdraw from her family and the people around her. But when she meets the mysterious Vincent Delacroix, she finds herself wanting to open up her heart again, even though Vincent may not be normal at all.

I felt both Kate and Vincent had qualities similar to characters in other books. Even the relationship between Kate and Vincent wasn't something we haven't already seen before. However, I thought they were likeable characters. What I really liked the most was that Kate didn't immediately jump into a romantic relationship with Vincent. She thought through the consequences and risks of being a human in a relationship with a revenant, before finally making a decision.

Overall I enjoyed their moments together, and as the story went along, I kept wanting more! The other characters Vincent's fellow revenants were great as well. They all had something that made them memorable. Jules definitely stood out among them. He was funny and sweet. I would love to get to know more about all of them, though, especially Ambrose and Charlotte. As for the normal humans, Georgia was an interesting character because, although she was more outgoing than her sister and they sometimes had disagreements, she and Kate seemed to get along pretty well.

Hope to see more of her in the next book too. With an amazing setting, likeable characters, and an original take on a paranormal being, Die for Me is a refreshing read in the young-adult paranormal genre. I look forward to reading the rest of the trilogy!

I listened to these songs about Paris while writing this review: View all 17 comments. Everyone; Fans of Twilight. Lindsey, DBChallenge July. They say you can never judge a book by its cover however this book is beautiful inside out. I became sucked into Die for Me within the first chapter. It was quite unusual for me as it usually takes close to pages to become glued.

What I enjoyed most about this book was not knowing what to expect or being able to predict what would happen next. Simply, it was refreshing. It was fun to read about Paris.

I have always dreamed of "the city of lights" being oh so romantic. I have seen Paris in mo They say you can never judge a book by its cover however this book is beautiful inside out. I have seen Paris in movies however I have not traveled there. I felt like Amy Plum nailed it. I truly felt like I was there at every cafe and musuem. I adored the characters in this book. I felt like they were all very well written despite me wanting to know more. I had not heard of Revenants.

Although I was a bit confused at first, in the end I completely understood. It truly was a fresh idea. Vincent and Kate sizzled.. I loved their romance. Although I still have trouble with the love at first sight it does happen. It is perhaps a bit cliche however this is fiction and paranormal. Kate is such a doll, my kind of easy going not outragous smart young lady. Vincent, sigh, he is so smoking hot. He stole my heart with his chivalry.

He may not be able to offer "normal" however he certainly delivered "extraordinary". I absolutely am in love with this book. I can not wait for the next in the trilogy.

I plan to pre order it as soon as possible. Aug 13, Colleen Houck added it Shelves: Zombie romance? The very idea of this book intrigued me. Amy was one of the authors joining me on the YA Scavenger Hunt and I hurried out to pick up her book shortly after that. I loved getting a tour of Paris and sitting at a cafe reading with the main character. The idea of the revenants and their enemies the numa was great! Love the cover too. View all 16 comments.

Just as good as I remembered. Love love love Kate and Vincent and everyone else. Feb 02, Cory added it. Apparently, this isn't about zombies. It's actually supposed to be a good book. Once again, this review is based on the blurb. I'd appreciate it if book blurb writers stopped catering to the Twilight Crowd. Good Zombies that look like chiseled Greek gods that can make out with girls.

Why Harper Teen? View all 7 comments. Jul 27, Sophie rated it did not like it Shelves: Actual Rating: I read this for a straight two hours and was almost done before I went running, and I just came back and finished the last five pages. So while I was away in the nice mountain air, I had a time to meditate and get over how irritated this book made me. But when I came back, this line greeted me: I didn't know what to say. My eyes filled with tears. Welcome back, irritation! I t Actual Rating: I think this line does a pretty good job of summarizing what this book is about.

Was it just me, or does Kate cry a LOT? I'm not kidding. I was sort of expecting her to drown in her own tears before being killed by the sad excuse of a villain in this book. Here are some examples from my randomly flipping through the pages as I write this review: I succeeded in wobbling my way down the back hallway into Vincent's room, where I threw myself face-down on his bed and let myself sob. I felt tears well up in my eyes and pinched myself hard. I couldn't stop the tears this time.

And these three quotes were all placed about one page from each other. Look, look! Here's another one! It's a doozy: What do you do after reading the most romantic love letter--the only love letter, for that matter--you've ever received?

I walked over to the bed and, climbing up onto its high mattress, sat down beside Vincent's body. I cupped his cold face with my warm hand and then, stroking his hair with my fingers, began to cry. I don't know about you, Kate, but I think I would be more screaming with happiness, hugging the hell out of my boyfriend, hyperventilating, etc. There are so many options.

Crying isn't the only emotional response we humans have, you know As you can see from Kate's waterworks, Plum has not done too good a job with her prose. The dialogue is stilted and awkward, and it doesn't seem to reflect the characters' personalities. For example, Vincent is supposed to be some suave Frenchman who is fluent in English but not that well acquainted with the slang. At one point, however, he says that something is "no biggie.

I wanted to strangle Kate. I really, really did. She was insufferable. I almost gave up the book because of her. Her mind runs like a broken record. Vincent, my sister, Vincent, ahhh the undead, Vincent.

She can't seem to resist his "sexy" smile or that "sexy" way he has his eyes "half-closed. That is not attractive. Plum uses the word sexy quite liberally, yet I never really thought Vincent was that hot, probably because Kate spends more time gushing about his looks than really showing us who he is. And I fall in love with fictional men quite easily. Granted, he does say some things that she finds extremely romantic but only made me gag , but that's it.

Also, he stalks her and admits to it! It's like Kate's never seen an attractive person her whole life, the way she keeps imagining Vincent everywhere she goes. She gets jealous all the time, is extremely self-deprecating, and generally a clingy and whiny character.

Also, just because you joke about stalking the other person, does not make it okay. I don't see why authors feel the need to justify their characters by pointing out their flaws. It doesn't make them any less visible. And when did the word trolling suddenly become included in fiction?

In my opinion, that word should never have existed. Kate and Vincent's relationship creeped me out majorly. It seems almost like necrophilia--there is one point where Kate actually sleeps next to Vincent's cold, dead body and feels comforted as well as thrilled when she touches his lips and hair.

To summarize this paragraph, I did not like Kate or Vincent or their relationship. I didn't like Georgia, either: Nobody in this book really stood out to me, although I liked Jules, and I sincerely hope Plum wasn't hinting at a love triangle with him.

Anyway, I bet if this story had been focused on Charlotte and Ambrose, I would've felt less inclined to stab myself. Speaking of Charlotte and Ambrose and Kate's stupidity, here's something else she says that made me want to gouge out my eyeballs: It was the first time I had seen the two of them interact, and even in the midst of this trauma, something clicked in my mind.

There was something there between Charlotte and Ambrose[ Very good, Kate. Very, very good. You deserve a cookie for figuring that out while everyone else is panicking over someone dying. Also, this quote is another good example of how unnatural and awkward the writing is. Bear with me. The good stuff is only just beginning. Now, the plot. What plot? Kate and Vincent's hurricane of a romance doesn't constitute as plot, and neither does the lame, predictable villain who appears in the last twenty pages.

All I could think of while I was reading the last part was one of those cliche mustache twirlers in the old silent movies. I couldn't help seeing the humongous cliche this entire book is. Let's see Though there is nothing appealing about normal girl, sexy guy is attracted to her anyway. In short, a quiet intellectual who somehow can never make intelligent decisions. Have you also realized that some of these remind you of a certain bestselling novel with sparkly creatures?

Here are some reminders: Girl and guy are separated. Girl goes to pieces and guy is devastated. Girl meets guy's sort-of sister, who likes her immediately. Guy will be one certain age forever although I did like that he could age if he didn't die.

Guy was on the brink of death when an older man saves him and becomes his mentor. Guy goes on rampage and kills lots of baaad people because he believes he can redeem himself. Villain wants to kill girl first in order to make guy feel pain. Had enough? I'd hope so.

There are so many similarities, beginning with the fact that Kate seems to lose all of her own personality and there was not much to begin with the moment she meets Vincent. I'm going to end this review on a positive note by saying I did enjoy the fact that this was set in Paris instead of some damp, dark, foresty region in North America.

Also, the premise is definitely creative and interesting; it just sort of got lost in all of the Kate-Vincent lurve. Am I enough of a sucker to read the next one? We'll see. Jan 07, Sandy rated it really liked it Shelves: Amy Plum's Die for Me is an enchanting debut novel with a rich setting, fresh mythology, and charming supporting cast. Die for Me 's revenant is my new favorite paranormal. Plum's mythology is so creative and refreshing after the countless vampire, werewolf, fairy, demon, yadda, yadda stories I've read.

Her explanation for what a revenant is and how a person becomes one feels so Th Amy Plum's Die for Me is an enchanting debut novel with a rich setting, fresh mythology, and charming supporting cast. These are NOT zombies. The entire concept and the revenants' calling is really quite benevolent and beautiful.

Finally, a paranormal with a purpose I can cheer for unlike, say, drinking blood. Plum's vivid descriptions of Paris perfectly match her mythology. There's an old world, exotic feel to the story, and Paris suits this well. Plus that gorgeous setting lends itself to some breathtaking double cheek kisses, sublime hot chocolate, and swoony French lines. Although there is immediate attraction between Kate and the enigmatic Vincent, Plum lets the romance simmer for a few chapters, which I love.

You know those books where you add up the days and it turns out the characters have only known each other for a week before they're declaring their undying love? This is not one of them. Kate and Vincent exchange glances at a cafe.

And a few weeks pass. They bump into each other at a cafe. And a few more days pass. They even go on a few dates. Yes, the romance has a Twilight feel at times, but it is sweet and captivating. Jules, Jules, Jules. This supporting cast adds flavor and wit to the story, from the sweet Charlotte to the delightful Ambrose. The action really picks up towards the end of the book, and thank you, thank you for a cliffhanger-free ending that nicely resolves the current book's main conflicts. After the gripping battle scene, the last chapter also lets us indulge in a little delicious escapism.

Why don't more books end this way? Die for Me has an original paranormal concept that I love and a vivid setting that I can't wait to visit again in Book 2. And isn't that a beautiful cover? View all 12 comments. Jul 22, Kristi rated it liked it Shelves: I love paranormal.

I've seen it getting a bad rep lately, but I can't get enough of it, it's my kind of drug. And Die for Me was just what the doctor ordered! Only a super cool Never heard of it before, and thought the concept totally rocked.

Although after I read the book and did a little research, I like Plum's take on the folklore much more! The thing that really stood out to me was the story itself Maybe it was the setting, Paris.

Oh la la, I really need to go there. Maybe it was the writing, which was absolutely captivating. I seriously felt like I was in a different world. Then again, maybe it was the characters. Especially the Revenant clan, I adored all of them! They were so well written, especially for secondary characters. Really it was a combination of all the above. And the love story, I can't not mention. I'm such a sucker for a good love story. And Die for Me has that, and more! And steamy at times! If you're looking for a paranormal, that's a little bit different than everything else out there, with well depicted, realistic characters, awesome writing and a captivating story, look no further than Die for Me!

Die for Me

Feb 22, Stacey O'Neale rated it it was amazing. The first thing I wanted to address was the comparison between this book and Twilight.

I don't see it. I think we need to stop comparing all PNR books against Twilight. It's lazy reviewing if I'm being honest. I thought this book was very unique. Amy Plum took the idea of zombies and created her own twist on the mythology. I adored the revenants concept, and to me, this book was a much needed breath of fresh air. YA Paranormal had gotten a little stale for me lately.

You can read the rest of my The first thing I wanted to address was the comparison between this book and Twilight. You can read the rest of my review here: Twilight Fans. Young adult fantasy romance about girl falling in love an immortal being in Paris [s] 4 14 Jan 09, The Young Adult Can anyone of you suggest me YA books without love-triangles?

Die for me by: Amy Plum 1 2 Sep 12, Readers Also Enjoyed. Young Adult.

About Amy Plum. Amy Plum. The books have been translated into thirteen foreign languages. After being raised in Birmingham, Alabama, in a rather restrictive environment, AMY PLUM escaped to Chicago to an even more restrictive environment at a university that expelled people for dancing.

After all of that restrictiveness, she was forced to run far far away, specifically to Paris, France, where she only wore black and danced all she wanted. After five years in Paris, she ventured to London, where she got an M. Amy managed to find work in the world of art and antiques in New York.

But after almost a decade of high-pressure lifestyle in the Big Apple, she swapped her American city for a French village of inhabitants. She now lives in Paris with her two kids and her black lab, Oberon. A shout erupted from underneath the bridge, and crouching silhouettes appeared in the murky blackness of the tunnel. What the! Georgia exclaimed. She was interrupted by a flash of light and a sharp clanging of metal as two figures began to emerge from the darkness.

They were sword fighting. Georgia and I seemed to remember at the same moment that we had legs, and began sprinting back toward the stairway we had come from. Before we could reach it, a mans form materialized 19 from the darkness. I didnt have time to scream before he caught me by the shoulders to stop me from mowing him down. Georgia froze in her tracks. Good evening, ladies, came a smooth baritone voice.

My eyes tried to refocus from their goalthe stairwayonto the person keeping me from getting there. Let go, I managed to sputter in my fear, and he immediately dropped his hold. Stepping back, I found myself inches away from another familiar face. His hair was hidden beneath a tightly fitted black cap, but I would have recognized him anywhere. It was the muscular friend of the boy who had just dived into the Seine. You shouldnt be down here by yourselves this late at night, he said.

Theres something going on back there, Georgia gasped. A fight. Police procedure, he said, turning, and applied light force to our backs, steering us rapidly toward the stairway. Police procedure with swords? I asked, incredulous, as we jogged up to street level. Gang activity, he said briefly, already turning to head back down the stairway. I would get as far away from here as you can, he called over his shoulder as he took the stairs a few at a time. He sprinted toward the tunnel just as two heads surfaced from the river near the bank.

I felt a surge of relief when I saw them alive. The guy who had steered us away arrived just as they reached land and pulled the jumper up to safety. A howl of pain shattered the night air, and Georgia grabbed 20 my arm. Lets get out of here. I hesitated. Shouldnt we do something?

Like what? Like call the police? They are the police, she said uncertainly. Yeah, right. They sure dont look like police. I could swear I recognized those two guys from our neighborhood.

DIE FOR ME series

We stood looking helplessly at each other for a second, trying to make sense out of what we had just seen. Well, maybe our neighborhoods under the surveillance of a special undercover SWAT team, Georgia said. You know, Catherine Deneuve lives right down the street.

Yeah, right, like Catherine Deneuve has her own hot-guy SWAT team trolling the neighborhood for celebrity stalkers with swords. Unable to contain ourselves, we burst out laughing. We should not be laughing. This is serious! Georgia giggled, wiping a stray tear from her cheek. I know, I sniffed, composing myself. Down by the river the girl and her savior had vanished, and the fighting sounded farther away. See, its over anyway, Georgia said.

Its too late to do anything even if we wanted to. We turned toward the crosswalk just as two figures sprinted up the stairs behind us. Out of my peripheral vision, I saw them approaching at full-speed and grabbed Georgias arm to pull her out of the way.

They ran past, missing us by mere inchestwo huge men dressed in dark clothes with caps pulled down low 21 around their faces.

A glint of metal flashed from beneath one of their long dusters. Leaping into a car, they started the engine with a roar. But before they drove off, they pulled up beside my sister and me and slowed to a snails pace. I could feel them staring at us through the darkened windows. Whatcha looking at? Georgia yelled, and they peeled off down the road. We stood there for a moment, stunned.

The crosswalk light turned green, and Georgia hooked her arm through mine as we stepped out into the street. Weird night, she said finally, breaking our silence. Understatement of the year, I replied.

Should we tell Mamie and Papy about it? Georgia laughed. And spoil Papys Paris is safe delusion? Theyd never let us out of the house again. There had been nothing about what we had seen on the news. But Georgia and I couldnt let it go that easily. We discussed it more than a few times, although we got no closer to understanding what had taken place.

Although I continued to do all my reading at the Caf SainteLucie, I hadnt seen the mysterious group of gorgeous guys again.

After a couple of weeks, I knew all the waiters as well as the owners, and many of the regular clients became familiar faces: Little old ladies with their teacup Yorkshire terriers, which they carried around in their handbags and fed from their plates. Businessmen 23 with expensive-looking suits talking endlessly on cell phones and ogling every pretty girl who walked by. Couples of all ages holding hands under the tables. One Saturday afternoon I was squeezed into my regular table in the terraces far left corner, reading To Kill a Mockingbird.

Although this was my third time through it, some passages still brought tears to my eyes. As one was doing now. I used my dig-fingernails-into-palm trick, which, if it hurt enough, could keep me from crying in public. Unfortunately, today it wasnt working. I could tell my eyes were getting red and glassy. This is all I needto cry in front of my regular caf crowd just as Im getting to know them, I thought, peering up to see if anyone had noticed me.

And there he was. Sitting a few tables away, watching me as intensely as he had the first time. It was the boy with the black hair. The scene from the river, with him leaping off a bridge to save someones life, felt like it had been nothing but a surreal dream. Here he was, in broad daylight, drinking coffee with one of his friends.

I almost said it out loud. Why did I have to get all teary about a book while this too-cute-to-be-true French guy was staring at me from a mere ten feet away? I snapped my book closed and laid some money on the table.

But just as I started toward the exit, the elderly women at the table next to mine stood and began fiddling with their massive pile of shopping bags. I fidgeted impatiently until finally one of them turned around. So sorry, dear, but well be another minute. And she practically shoved me toward where the guys were sitting. I had hardly gotten a step beyond their table when I heard a low voice coming from behind me.

Arent you forgetting something? I turned to see the boy standing inches away from me. He was even more handsome than he had seemed from afar, though his looks were sharpened by that same flinty coldness I had noticed the first time I had seen him. I ignored the sudden jolt in my chest. Your bag, he said, holding my book bag out toward me, balancing the strap on two fingers. Um, I said, thrown off by his proximity. Then, seeing his wry expression, I pulled myself together.

He thinks Im a total idiot for leaving my bag behind. How kind of you, I said stiffly, reaching for the bag, as I tried to salvage any remaining scrap of confidence left in me. He pulled his arm back, leaving me grasping air. Why be angry at me? Its not like I swiped it. No, of course not, I huffed, waiting. He didnt let go. How about an exchange? Ill give you the bag if you tell me your name. Its contents spilled in a heap across the sidewalk.

I shook my head in disbelief. Thanks a lot! As gracefully as I could, I got down on my knees and began cramming my lipstick, mascara, wallet, phone, and what seemed like a million pens and tiny scraps of paper into my bag.

I looked back up to see him inspecting my book. To Kill a Mockingbird. En anglais! And then, in slightly accented but perfect English, he said, Great bookhave you ever seen the film My mouth fell open. I managed to utter.

He raised his other hand and showed me my drivers license, which featured an exceptionally bad head shot. By this point my humiliation was so great that I couldnt even look him in the eyes, although I felt his gaze burning into me. Listen, he said, leaning closer. Im really sorry. I didnt mean to make you drop your bag. Stop flaunting your impeccable language skills, Vincent, help the girl to her feet, and let her take her leave, came another voice in French. I turned to see my tormentors friendthe guy with the curly hairholding out my hairbrush, with an expression of mild amusement creasing his razor-stubbled face.

Ignoring the hand Vincent was extending to help me up, I staggered to my feet and brushed myself off. Here you go, he said, handing me my book. Thanks, I replied curtly, trying not to run as I made the quickest possible exit out of the caf and onto the street. As I waited for the crosswalk light to change, I made the mistake of glancing back. Both of the boys were staring my way.

Vincents friend said something to him and shook his head. I cant even imagine what theyre saying about me, I thought, and groaned. Turning as red as the stoplight, I crossed the street without looking their way again. For the next few days I saw Vincents face everywhere. In the corner grocery store, coming up the steps from the Mtro, sitting at every caf terrace I passed. Of course, when I got a better look at each of these guys, it was never actually him.

Much to my annoyance, I couldnt stop thinking about him, and even more annoyingly, my feelings were equally divided between selfprotective cautiousness and unabashed crush. To be honest, I wasnt ungrateful for the diversion. For once I had something else to think about besides fatal car crashes and what the hell I was going to do for the rest of my life.

Id thought I had it pretty much figured out before the accident, but now my future stretched before me like a mile-long question mark. It struck me that my fixation on this mystery guy might just be my minds way of giving me a breather from my confusion and grief. And I finally decided, if that were the case, I didnt mind. I was ensconced in what I now considered my private corner table, finishing off yet another Wharton novel from the school syllabus my future English teacher was obviously a big fan , when I noticed a couple of teenagers sitting across the terrace from me.

The girl had short-cropped blond hair and a shy laugh, and the natural way she kept leaning in toward the boy next to her made me think they were a couple.

But upon turning my scrutiny to him, I realized how similar their features were, though his hair was golden red. They had to be brother and sister. And once that idea popped into my mind, I knew I was right.

The girl suddenly held up her hand to stop her brother from talking and began scanning the terrace, as if searching for someone. Her eyes settled on me. For a second she hesitated, and then waved urgently at me. I pointed to myself with a questioning look. She nodded and then gestured, beckoning me to come over. Wondering what she could possibly want, I stood and slowly made my way toward their table.

She rose to her feet, alarmed, and motioned for me to hurry. Just as I left my safe little nook against the wall and stepped around my table, a huge crash came from behind me, and I was knocked flat onto the ground. I could feel my knee stinging and lifted my head to see blood on the ground beneath my face. Mon Dieu! Tears of shock and pain welled in my eyes.

He ripped a towel from his waist apron and dabbed my face with it. You just have a little cut on your eyebrow. Dont worry. I looked down at my burning leg and saw that my jeans had been torn open and my knee completely skinned.

As I checked myself over for injuries, it dawned on me that the terrace had gone completely silent. But instead of focusing on me, the astonished faces of the caf-goers were looking behind me. The waiter stopped swabbing my eyebrow to glance over my shoulder, and his eyes widened in alarm. Following his gaze, I saw that my table had been demolished by a huge piece of carved masonry that had fallen from the buildings facade.

My purse was lying to one side, but my copy of House of Mirth stuck out from where it was pinned under the enormous stone, exactly where I had been sitting. If I hadnt moved, I would be dead, I thought, and my heart raced so fast that my chest hurt.

I turned back to the table where the brother and sister had been sitting. Except for a bottle of Perrier and two full glasses sitting in the middle of a handful of change, it was empty.

My saviors were gone. Finally, after allowing the caf staff to use half their firstaid kit on me, I insisted that I could make it home on my own and wobbled back, my legs feeling like rubber bands. Mamie was coming out the front door as I arrived. Oh, my dear Katya! Then, scooping up our things and leading me back into the house, she tucked me into bed and insisted on treating me like I was a quadriplegic instead of her slightly scraped-up granddaughter.

Now, Katya, are you sure youre comfortable? I can bring you more pillows if you want. Mamie, Im fine, really. Does your knee still hurt? I can put something else on it. Maybe it should be elevated.

Its just a scrape, really. Oh, my darling child. To think what could have happened. She pressed my head to her chest and petted my hair until something in me broke and I started crying. Mamie cooed and held me while I bawled. Im just crying because Im shaky, I protested through my tears, but the truth was that she was treating me just like my mom would have.

When Georgia got home, I heard Mamie telling her about my near-death experience. My door opened a minute later, and my sister raced in looking as white as a ghost. She sat silently on the edge of my bed, staring at me with wide eyes. Its okay, Georgia. Im just a little scraped up.

Oh my God, Katie-Bean, if anything had happened to you You are all I have left. Remember that. Im fine. And nothings going to happen to me. Ill keep far away from disintegrating buildings from now on. She forced a smile and reached out her hand to touch my own, but the haunted look stayed. The next day Mamie refused to let me leave the house, insisting that I relax and recover from my injuries.

I obeyed, to humor her, and spent half the evening reading in the bathtub. It wasnt until I had lost myself in the warm water and a book that my nerves got the best of me, and I sat there trembling like a leaf. I hadnt realized how scared the near miss with the crumbling building had left me until it took topping the tub up several times with scalding hot water to calm me down.

Ultimately, I 31 fell asleep with little plumes of steam rising up from the water around me. When I passed the caf the next day, it was closed, and the sidewalk outside the building was roped off with yellow plastic police tape. Workers in electric blue overalls were erecting scaffolding for builders to come stabilize the facade.

I would have to find another location for my al fresco reading. I felt a pang of disappointment as I realized that this was the only place that I had a chance of seeing my recent obsession.

Who knew how long it would be before I ran into Vincent again? My mother began taking me to museums when I was a tiny child. When we went to Paris, she and Mamie and I would set off in the morning for a little taste of beauty, as my mother called it.

Georgia, who was bored by the time we reached the first painting, usually opted to stay behind with my father and grandfather, who sat in cafs and chatted with friends, business associates, and whoever else happened to wander by.

But together, Mamie, Mom, and I combed the museums and galleries of Paris. So it was no great shock when Georgia gave me a vague excuse of previous plans when I asked her to come museum trolling with me a few days later. Georgia, youve been complaining that I never do anything with you. This is a valid invite! Yeah, about as valid as me inviting you to a monster truck rally.

Ask again if you plan on doing something actually interesting. To show her goodwill, she gave my arm a friendly squeeze before shutting her bedroom door in my face. Weaving my way through its tiny medieval streets, I finally arrived at my destination: the palacelike building housing the Picasso Museum. Besides the alternate universe offered by a book, the quiet space of a museum was my favorite place to go.

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My mom said I was an escapist at heart Its true that Ive always been able to yank myself out of this world and plunge myself into another.

And I felt ready for a calming session of art-hypnosis. As I walked through the gigantic doors of the Muse Picasso into its sterile white rooms, I felt my heart rate slow. I let the warmth and peace of the place cover me like a soft blanket. And as was my habit, I walked until I found the first painting that really grabbed my attention, and sat down on a bench to face it.

I let the colors absorb into my skin. The compositions convoluted, twisted shapes reminded me of how I felt inside, and my breathing slowed as I began zoning out.

The other paintings in the room, the guard standing near the door, the fresh-paint smell in the air around me, even the passing tourists, faded into a gray background surrounding this one square of color and light. I dont know how long I sat there before my mind slowly emerged from its self-imposed trance, and I heard low voices coming from behind me.

Come over here. Just look at the colors. Long pause. What colors? Its just as I told you. He goes from the bright, bold 33 palette of something like Les Demoiselles dAvignon to this gray and brown monotone jigsaw puzzle in a mere four years.

What a show-off! Pablo always had to be the best at everything he put his hand to, and as I was saying to Gaspard the other day, what really ticks me off is I turned, curious to see the origin of this fountain of knowledge, and froze.

Standing just fifteen feet away from me was Vincents curly-haired friend. Now that I saw him straight on, I was struck by how attractive he was. There was something rugged about himunkempt, scruffy hair, bristly razor stubble, and large rough hands that gesticulated passionately toward the painting. By the condition of his clothes, which were smudged with paint, I guessed he might be an artist.

That came to me in a split second. Because after that, all I could see was the person standing with him. The raven-haired boy. The boy who had taken up permanent residence in the dark corners of my mind since the first moment I saw him. Why do you have to fall for the most improbable, inaccessible boy in Paris? He was too beautifuland too aloofto ever really notice me. I tore my gaze away, leaned forward, and rested my forehead in my hands.

It didnt do any good. Vincents image was burned indelibly into my mind. I realized that whatever it was about him that made him seem a bit cold, almost dangerous, actually heightened my interest instead of scaring me off. What was wrong with me? I had never gone for bad boys beforethat was Georgias specialty!

My 34 stomach tightened as I wondered if I had the courage to go up and talk to him. But I didnt have the chance to put myself to the test. When I raised my head, they were gone. I walked quickly to the entrance of the next room and peered in. It was empty. And then I just about jumped out of my skin as a low voice from behind me said, Hi, Kate. Vincent loomed over me, his face a good six inches above mine. My hand flew to my chest in alarm. Thanks for the heart attack! I gasped.

So is this a habit of yours, leaving your bag behind in order to strike up a conversation? He grinned and nodded at the bench where I had been sitting. Lying beneath it was my book bag. Wouldnt it be easier to just walk up to a guy and say hello?

The slight trace of mockery in his voice evaporated my nervousness. It was replaced by a fiery indignation that surprised us both. Hello, I growled, my throat tight with fury. Marching over to the bench, I picked up my bag and stalked out of the room. I didnt mean it like that. What I meant I came to a stop and stared at him, waiting.

Im sorry, he said, exhaling deeply. Ive never been known for my sparkling conversation. Then why even make the effort? I challenged. YoureI dont knowamusing.

Die for Me by Amy Plum

I pronounced each syllable slowly and shot him 35 my Youre a complete weirdo look. My clenched fists rose automatically to rest on my hips. So, Vincent, did you come over with the express purpose of offending me, or is there something else you want? Vincent put his palm to his forehead. Listen, Im sorry.

Im an idiot. Can we Start what over from scratch? I asked doubtfully. He hesitated for a second and then held out his hand. Im Vincent. I felt my eyes narrow as I weighed his sincerity. I gripped his hand in mine, shaking it a bit rougher than I meant to. Im Kate. Nice to meet you, Kate, Vincent said, bemused.

There was a four-second silence, during which I continued to glare at him. Do you come here often? I couldnt help but burst out laughing. He smiled, obviously relieved. Um, yes, actually.

Ive kind of got a thing for museums, not just for Picasso. A thing? Vincents English was so good that it was easy to forget it wasnt his first language. It means I like museums. A lot, I explained.

Got it. You like museums but not Picasso in particular. I smiled at him, mentally giving him points for trying so hard. Whered your friend go? He took off. Jules doesnt really like to meet new people. American, I responded. And the girl Ive seen you around the neighborhood with would be your Sister, I said slowly. Have you been spying on me? Two cute girls move to the areawhat am I supposed to do? A wave of delight rippled through my body at his words. So he thought I was cute. But he also thought Georgia was cute, I reminded myself.

The wave disappeared. Hey, the museum caf has an espresso machine. Want to get some coffee while you tell me what other things youve got a thing for? He touched me on the arm.

The wave was officially back. We sat at a tiny table in front of steaming cappuccinos. So, now that Ive revealed my name and nationality to a complete stranger, what else do you want to know? I asked, stirring the foam into my coffee. Oh, I dont know I laughed. Um, shoe size ten, Breakfast at Tiffanys, absolutely no athletic ability whatsoever, and way too many embarrassing moments to list before the museum closes.

Thats it? Thats all I get? I felt my defensiveness melting away at this surprisingly charming and decidedly not-dangerous side of him. With Vincents encouragement I told him about my old life in Brooklyn, with 37 Georgia and my parents.

Of our summers in Paris, of my friends back home, with whom I had, by now, lost all contact. Of my boundless love for art, and my despair at discovering I possessed absolutely no talent for creating it. He prodded me for more information, and I filled in the blanks for him on bands, food, film, books, and everything else under the sun. And unlike most boys my age I had known back home, he seemed genuinely interested in every detail.

What I didnt tell him was that my parents were dead. I referred to them in the present tense and said that my sister and I had moved in with our grandparents to study in France. It wasnt a total lie. But I didnt feel like telling him the whole truth. I didnt want his pity. I wanted to seem like just any other normal girl who hadnt spent the last seven months isolating herself in an inner world of grief. His rapid-fire questions made it impossible for me to ask him anything in return.

So when we finally left I reproached him for it. Okay, now I feel completely exposedyou know pretty much everything about me and I know nothing about you. Aha, that is part of my nefarious plan. He smiled, as the museum guard locked the doors behind us.

How else could I expect you to say yes to meeting up again if I laid everything out on the table the first time we talked? This isnt the first time we talked, I corrected him, trying to coolly ignore the fact that he seemed to be asking me out. Okay, the first time we talked without my unintentionally insulting you, he revised. Vincent walked slightly hunched over with his hands in his pockets.

For the first time I sensed in him a tiny hint of vulnerability. I took advantage of it. I dont even know how old you are. Nineteen, he said. What do you do? Because your friend said something about your being in the police force.

I couldnt help the trace of sarcasm in my voice. My sister and I saw you rescue that girl. Vincent stared at me blankly. The girl who jumped off the Carrousel Bridge during that gang fight. Your friend escorted us away and told us it was a police procedure.

Oh, he did? Vincent muttered, his expression assuming the hardened look itd had the first time I met him. He thrust his hands back into his pockets and continued walking. We were getting closer to the Mtro stop.

I slowed my pace to download a little more time. So what are you guys, undercover cops? I didnt believe it for a second, but tried to sound sincere. His sudden change in mood had intrigued me. What, kind of like a SWAT team? He didnt respond. That was really brave, by the way, I insisted. Your diving into the river.

What did the girl have to do with the gang fighting under the bridge, anyhow?

Die for Me by Amy Plum

I asked, digging further. Um, Im not supposed to talk about it, Vincent said, studying the concrete a few inches in front of his feet. Oh yeah. Of course, I said lightly. You just look really young to be a cop. I couldnt stop a facetious smile from spreading across my lips. I told you Im a student, he said, giving me an uncertain grin. He could tell I didnt download it.

I didnt see anything. I didnt hear anything, I said dramatically. Vincent laughed, his good mood returning. Kate, what are you doing this weekend? Do you want to do something? I nodded, since I couldnt speak. Taking my silence as hesitation, he added quickly, Not like a formal date or anything. Just hanging out. We can Wander around the Marais.

I nodded again, and then managed to get out, That would be great. Okay, how about Saturday afternoon? In public. A 40 perfectly safe thing to do with a guy you barely know. He held up his hands as if showing he wasnt hiding anything.

As soon as it was out of my mouth I realized that I was afraid. Just a little bit. I wondered once more if that was his pull on me. Maybe my parents deaths had left me with a lack of self-preservation and it was the hint of danger that I was going for. Or maybe I was attracted to the vague aura of untouchable aloofness that he exuded. Maybe all he was to me was a challenge. Whatever the reason, it was effective. I really liked this guy. And I wanted to see him again.

Night, day, I didnt care. Id be there. He lifted an eyebrow and chuckled. Not afraid of me. I couldnt help myself from laughing along. Nodding the other direction down the boulevard, he said, Jules is probably waiting for me. See you Saturday. Meet you outside the rue du Bac Mtro station at three? Saturday, three oclock, I confirmed as he turned and walked away. I dont think it would be exaggerating much to say that my feet didnt touch the ground the whole way home.

My heart caught in my throat as I wondered not for the first time why this too-gorgeous-to-be-true guy had any interest whatsoever in plain old. My insecurity crumbled when I saw his face light up as I approached. You came, he said as he leaned in to give me the bises, those double-cheeked air-kisses that Europeans are famous for.

Though I shivered when his skin touched mine, my cheeks were warm for a good five minutes afterward. Of course, I said, drawing on every drop of my cool and confident reserve, since, to tell the truth, I was feeling a bit nervous.

So, where are we off to? We began walking down the steps to the subway tracks. Have you been to the Village Saint-Paul? I shook my head. Doesnt ring a bell. We barely talked on the train, but it wasnt for lack of conversation.

I dont know if it is just a cultural thing, or because the trains themselves are so quiet, but as soon as people step into the car from the platform they shut up. Vincent and I stood facing each other, holding on to the central steel pole for balance, and checked out the other passengers, who were busy checking us out. Have I mentioned that checking people out is the French national pastime?

As we turned a corner and the train jerked to one side, he put an arm around my shoulders to steady me. We havent even gotten there and youre already making a move? Of course not. Im a gentleman through and through, he responded in a quiet voice. I would throw my coat over a puddle for you any day. Im no damsel in distress, I retorted as the train pulled to a stop. Whewwell, thats a good thing, he said, breathing a fake sigh of relief. How about opening the door for me, then?

I grinned as I flipped up the metal door-release lever and stepped onto the platform. We emerged from the Saint-Paul stop directly in front of the massive classical church called the glise Saint-Paul.

I used to come here when I was a kid, I said to Vincent as I peered up at the decorative facade. When I came to visit my grandparents during the summer, there was a girl I used to play with who lived just there. I pointed to a building a few doors away. Her dad told us that this street was used for jousts in the Middle Ages.

Sandrine and I used to sit on the church steps and pretend we were in the middle of a medieval tournament. I closed my eyes and I was back, ten years ago, reliving the sounds and colors of our imaginary tourney. You know, I always thought that if the centuries and centuries of Pariss ghosts could materialize all at once, you would find yourself surrounded by the most fascinating people. I stopped, suddenly embarrassed that I was spouting off to this guy I barely knew with details about one of my several dreamworlds.

Vincent smiled. If I were riding to the challenge, would you give me your favor to display on my arm, fair lady? I pretended to dig through my bag. I cant seem to find my lace kerchief. How about a Kleenex? Laughing, Vincent threw an arm around my shoulders and squeezed me tightly. Youre amazing, he said. Thats a definite step up from amusing, I reminded him, unable to prevent my cheeks from reddening with pleasure. We headed to a side road leading down toward the river.

Halfway there, Vincent stepped through the large wooden doorway of a four-story building, pulling me behind him. Like many Parisian apartment blocks, this one had been constructed around an internal courtyard sheltered from the street. The most modest courtyards are barely as big as a king-size bed, 44 with only enough space to hold the buildings trash bins. Others are large, some even having trees and benches, forming a quiet haven for residents away from the busy street. This courtyard was massive and had little shops, and even an outdoor caf, scattered among the ground-floor apartments, something I had never seen before.

What is this place?

Vincent smiled and touched my arm, pointing to another open doorway on the far side of the courtyard. This is just the beginning, he said.

There are about five of these courtyards all linked together off the street, so you can wander for as long as you want without seeing or hearing the outside world.

Its all art galleries and antique shops. I thought youd like it. Like it? I love it!Die For Me Audiobook. She still could not accept that her parents were gone and they were never coming back. Like I said though, I didn't hate this book, but I definitely didn't love it. Why should I care if you have a girlfriend? He could tell I didnt download it. Everything was a lie. When he saw me and his face lit up with an expression of pure adoration, I knew that no matter what stupid things I might do in life, I would always have one fan in this world, cheering me on from the sidelines.

I might as well have been wearing a prom dress.