Create a blank & editable form, fill it out and send it instantly to the IRS. Download & print with other fillable US tax forms in PDF. No paper. No software. ). Form (August ). Department of the Treasury - Internal Revenue Service. Report of Interview with Individual Relative to Trust Fund Recovery. Page 1. Page 2. Page 3. Page 4.

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Attempt to secure at least one Form , Report of Interview with Individual Relative to Trust Fund Recovery Penalty or Personal Liability for Excise Taxes, from. Internal Revenue Service, Form , available at academics/setonworldwide/upload/WT5-Form_pdf. Interviewees faced with a Form. IRS to collect the unpaid withholding taxes from the and a corresponding increase in irs enforcement measures. will use IRS Form (Report of Interview.

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The administrative TFRP case file transmitted to Appeals is not an ex parte communication since it sets forth the boundaries of the dispute between the taxpayer and the Internal Revenue Service and forms the basis for Appeals to assume jurisdiction. The TFRP case file should include all information supporting the original recommendation , as well as any work papers reflecting the manner in which payments have been applied, specifically any payments directed by the taxpayer, court order, etc.

Upon receipt of the TFRP package, CPM will conduct a technical review of the case file, and if it is complete and acceptable, will forward it to Appeals. There may be rare instances, after a protest has been sent to Appeals, when Collection will secure significant new information that needs to be provided to Appeals to allow Appeals to fully evaluate the protest. Include a copy of the written communication to Appeals and any other documents being sent to Appeals.

Document issuance of the letter in the ICS history and include a copy of the letter with the supplemental information sent to Appeals. The revenue officer seeks group manager concurrence that this is significant new information that needs to be shared with Appeals.

This will ensure CPM can easily identify all protest cases. Each protesting responsible party file must contain all required documentation to support assessment.

See IRM Exhibit 5. Submit related cases two or more responsible persons for the same corporation together whenever possible. For cases where one or more responsible party agrees to the assessment and at least one other party is protesting the assessment, submit all files together to CPM for cases that are being protested.

Since the ASED is not protected for the cases that are not being protested, CPM will submit the non-protested cases for assessment and will forward the protested cases to Appeals. Each territory should establish a system for reviewing decisions made by Appeals to determine whether quality issues exist that need to be addressed.

The territory should arrange periodic meetings with Appeals to discuss trends, workloads and other issues of interest. CPM may also establish a process to follow-up on overage Appeals cases. Appeals may request additional information after receipt of a TFRP protest. An Appeals hearing officer may determine new information submitted by a potentially responsible party requires investigative analysis. In this situation, Appeals will retain jurisdiction of the case and forward the new information request via Form , Appeals Division Feedback Report and Transmittal Memorandum , to the originating CPM group for processing.

The information should be provided within 45 calendar days of the request. This date may be extended by mutual agreement. These situations should be highly uncommon. Notate their memorandum "ASED expires 30 days from the specific date Appeals has made their determination " when applicable. If a responsible person has been determined to be responsible for only part of a quarter, the amount of that quarter will have to be changed to reflect the amount specified in the decision by Appeals.

If Appeals does not sustain the original proposed assessment, a new Form must be printed to reflect the correct TFRP amount based on the decision by Appeals. The revenue officer will generate and print a Form for each responsible person.

Annotate "Bankruptcy" in red on top of the form and provide basic bankruptcy information for cases where the responsible party or the employer has filed bankruptcy. Include Form if a waiver to extend the statutory period to assess the TFRP was secured from the taxpayer.

Verify Form was signed and dated before the ASED expiration by both the responsible person or authorized representative and an authorized IRS delegate. If levy information was secured for a responsible party, prepare Form , Request for Terminal Action , so the levy information can be loaded to the IDRS levy file.

The name, address, and TIN of the responsible party will be included on the Form , and the Remarks section will contain:. Quick assessment procedures are required when the assessment statute expires within 30 days. If a timely appeal is received, do not make a quick assessment.

Get And Sign Appeals Form 2016-2019

Prompt assessment procedures should be used when collection appears to be at risk and the intention is to proceed with collection action immediately following the period for notice and demand. Quick or prompt assessment for a TFRP may be made only after the taxpayer takes one of the following actions:. Quick and prompt assessments may be submitted as facsimile fax requests IRM 5. The initiating office will prepare a separate Form , Request for Quick or Prompt Assessment , for each period to be assessed.

If one period on Form must be quick assessed in order to protect the statute, all periods on the Form must be quick assessed. Complete Form with all necessary information, including the initiator's name and address.

Also include information as to whether the assessment is "agreed" or "unagreed. The initiator will immediately deliver or mail certified Parts 3 and 4 of Form , along with Publication 1, to the taxpayer.

Notice may also be included with Form to remind the taxpayer of the procedures to follow in order to file a claim for refund and request abatement of the liability.

Multiple Forms for the same taxpayer may be mailed together. For fax requests, the initiating office will fax the following information to the Ogden Manual Assessment Unit:. Form , Document Transmittal , listing each manually assessed period, one per line, so the assessment DLN can be written next to the period and faxed back to the originator.

Other information that must be included in the TFRP case file, if it was secured or prepared, includes:. Copy of letter issued to taxpayer by the group manager concerning investigation results of new information provided with a protest. Adequate supporting documentation must be contained in the file s to fully support all recommendations for assertion. If the core documentation items listed in IRM 5. If multiple related assessments are made with regard to a single employer, the supporting documentation should be maintained in the key file Document C and cross-referenced in the supplemental files Document If there are no responsible parties being assessed the TFRP on a particular account for example, if all responsible parties were determined to be not collectible , maintain the TFRP files with the balance due case file.

Do not submit these files to CPM. Include copies of any approved Forms , Forms , as well as any Form waivers that were secured in the business balance due case file. After two years the files are sent to the Federal Records Center where they are destroyed 12 years after assessment this allows for the CSED plus 2 years for the taxpayer to file a claim for refund.

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Apply for an ITIN. Circular Home IRM Part5 5.

Did you open or close bank accounts for the business? Did you guarantee or co-sign loans? Did you sign or countersign checks? Did you authorize or sign payroll checks? Did you authorize or make federal tax deposits?

Did you prepare, review, sign, or transmit payroll tax returns? Who would you hold as being directly responsible for these taxes? Did you have ownership of this business?

The Statute of Limitations on Trust Fund Assessment Pursuant to IRC b 2 , employment tax returns filed for any period ending within a calendar year are considered filed on April 15 of the succeeding year. Employment tax returns for all four quarters of are considered filed on April 15, The IRS has three years beginning April 15, and ending on April 15, to complete its trust fund investigation for the returns. For any payroll tax liability resulting from wages paid before January 1, , the owner of the LLC rather than the LLC itself is considered the taxpayer for payroll tax purposes.

Commissioner, T. There is no trust fund recovery penalty process for a single-member LLC. Sullivan worked in the local, district and regional offices of the IRS.

Sullivan has been in private practice since and is a tax expert in the field of Federal and State Tax Resolution. Bookmark the permalink. If any information has already been completed on Form B, Collection Information Statement for Businesses, the revenue officer can enter "See B" in the applicable blocks. Form is formatted to allow for an abbreviated interview when the potentially responsible party is determined to be the only responsible party or in situations when a business structure is not complicated.

Form should be used as follows: Page 1 incorporates core willfulness and responsibility questions to support assertion recommendations and may be used as an abbreviated interview when there is only one responsible party or in situations when the business entity and ownership structure is not complex.

Question responses on page 1 will prompt revenue officers to make determinations as to whether the TFRP interview should be continued on subsequent pages. For example, if the party being interviewed indicates they used the services of a third-party payer, or if the party being interviewed is the third-party payer, the form will direct the revenue officer to complete subsequent section s on page 3 related to third-party payers.

If the party being interviewed indicates other individuals had the responsibility or authority to perform the core responsibilities in Section II, the form will direct the revenue officer to complete Section IV and V on page 2.

Section VII on page 3 will only require completion for excise tax case investigations. Page 4 provides narrative space to record any additional information provided by the taxpayer. After the interview is completed, ask the potentially responsible person to sign Form The revenue officer will also sign the form.

If the form can only be partially completed, determine whether to add a statement to page 4 indicating which portions of the form are incomplete. Note: A statement can be updated at a later date with the changes initialed by the revenue officer and the person interviewed.

If the potentially responsible person agrees to the assessment during an interview: Advise the individual of his or her appeal rights and document the history accordingly.

Reminder: A Form interview must still be completed, even if the responsible party or parties sign Form Advise the taxpayer interest will accrue on the TFRP from the date of assessment to the date of payment on the underlying trust fund liability and on any unpaid interest.

In these cases, be sure the potentially responsible person has received the advance notice Letter A, Third-Party Contact Letter that a third-party contact may be made. Follow the procedures in IRM The letter will be personally delivered or mailed to all parties who may be investigated as soon as they are identified. Letter A is available as an ICS template. Note: If the revenue officer knows the identity of potentially responsible officers or other parties, such as a third-party payer, prior to conducting the interview, all potentially responsible parties will be provided with Letter A before any interviews are conducted.

Completing the Form interview should not be viewed as a third-party contact with respect to persons who are being identified for the first time during the interview. During the Form interview, if the revenue officer becomes aware of additional potentially responsible parties, the revenue officer will continue conducting the interview and completing Form The revenue officer does not need to stop in the middle of an interview whenever another potentially responsible party is identified.

If the revenue officer intends to contact third parties to investigate the other potentially responsible parties identified during the interview, he or she must mail or personally deliver Letter Letter A prior to making any further contacts for purposes of determining whether they may be held liable.During the Form interview, if the revenue officer becomes aware of additional potentially responsible parties, the revenue officer will continue conducting the interview and completing Form Has collectibility been addressed on each potentially responsible person?

During the Form interview, if the revenue officer becomes aware of additional potentially responsible parties, the revenue officer will continue conducting the interview and completing Form These new periods not included in a previous Letter DO and Form may be included in the new Letter DO and Form with the period s subject to the increase.

Authority of persons to sign checks and deposit funds.

The examples below show the varying degrees of documentation required when Form is signed prior to Form approval:.